Legal Answering Service

Legal Answering Service

Professional Features Tailored for Law Offices

From complex message taking to free call patching to 24-7 live answering, we’ve got your law office covered. When calls need to be routed quickly and accurately, you can relax knowing we’ll take those important calls, anytime of day or night.

Exclusive Features for your Business

Are you looking for a live answering service plan, loaded with features, that doesn’t break the bank? You can get it here with VoiceNation — unbeatable features with unmatched call center service. Take a look for yourself.
Instant Activation

We’re the only answering service to offer online instant activation for your call center services.  You don’t have to wait days to get your account up and running. Shhhh, that’s unheard of in this industry.

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24/7 Service

We provide high quality answering and virtual phone service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year…including weekends, after hours and holidays.

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Simple Order Processing

Sometimes missing a phone call can cost you a sale or even a customer. Don’t chance it. With VoiceNation, our 24-hour answering service helps make missing a sale a thing of the past.

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Free Call Patching

Commonly referred to as call transfer, call relay, or call forwarding service, call patching is a feature many of our customers need and we make it super easy to configure.

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Local or Toll-Free

Selecting the right number can make a big impression on your clients. Our toll-free option is a great way to boost your professional image.

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New and Improved Dashboard

The new and improved dashboard lets you make real-time updates and changes to your messages, on-call schedule, employee profiles and more.

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Manage On-Call Schedules

Update the On-Call Schedule for your team easily and on the fly. Never worry about last minute changes again.

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Detailed Reports

Export comprehensive reports that detail call by date and month, billable time, frequent callers, calls by region and more.

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Industries Served | VoiceNation Legal Live Answering Professional Features Tailored for Law Offices

Why Live Answering Service?

As legal professionals, staying in constant communication with clients is crucial to the success of each case. Attentiveness to each and every client is essential to maintain the quality and integrity of a thriving law firm. Hiring a team of highly-trained telephone answering service representatives immediately allows for 24-7 coverage so you don’t miss any incoming client calls.

With VoiceNation, your law office can expect to receive 5-star service from the elite team of agents, each of whom undergoes extensive, daily training to answer calls professionally, every time. Our unique staff development program enriches each agent with superior skills that translate to you, the customer in the form of excellent customer service that you won’t find at any other answering service around.

For attorneys, we recommend these robust plans to give you the most coverage.

No matter what type of business you have or how you need the phones answered, we can customize a plan that works for you.

Basic Plans


Perfect for industry professionals with a handful of clients and minimum call volume.



125 min.

$1.05 per additional minute


Ideal for small businesses looking to provide professional services at an affordable price.



75 min.

$1.10 per additional minute

Quick Start

Get your company started with our basic plan of live answering services today!



0 min.

$1.15 per additional minute

Standard Plans


Suited for larger businesses experiencing rapid growth and excessive call volume.



1000 min.

$.90 per additional minute


Industry professionals take advantage of this plan to cater to specialty clients.



500 min.

$.95 per additional minute


Great for growing businesses looking to capture incremental opportunities.



250 min.

$1.00 per additional minute

Messaging Only

40 for 40

Best for businesses searching to utilize messaging only.



40 min.

$1.00 per additional minute

  • Does not include call patching

Your business demands more

We'd love to chat with you! Call 866-766-5050 today to speak with a sales professional to discuss one of our flexible plan options or browse through our pricing list here.


Tap into the Power of Live Answering Service

VoiceNation specializes in  serving some of the most successful lawyers and attorney firms in the country. Our legal industry trained live operators portray the professionalism and trust your callers expect and act as an extension of your firm. Many legal firms find that hiring a 24/7 answering service is less costly than hiring an in-house receptionist. With the added benefits of around the clock customer availability, help desk services, lead capture, and much more, VoiceNation will be your virtual receptionist and ensure all incoming calls are answered per your request.

How a Legal Answering Service Will Help Your Clients

First and foremost, live answering services connect your clients with real people whenever they call, making the experience warmer and easier to navigate. The dashboard Voice Nation provides makes it easier for you to navigate those messages too, and that means you will be better equipped to return calls promptly and organize your information easily, making it possible for you to have a better personal connection to each caller when you return calls, too.

How a Professional Answering Service Can Help Solo Practitioners

When someone calls an attorney, they often need immediate help. This means they will likely hang up and call someone else if an automated service picks up the call. With a live receptionist taking the caller’s information, the customer is more likely to feel confident the lawyer will call back and take care of the issue. More clients equal increased growth and more income for your firm.

Use Live Answering to Cut Costs and Increase Service for Your Firm

If you manage a law firm, it is time to start looking at whether you stand to make gains by downsizing your office staff and moving to a more efficient format like a live answering service. For smaller firms, this can be a make-or-break tactic that helps them get off the ground without incurring too much debt. For larger firms, it can be a great way to provide 24/7 attention to customers, streamlining your staff and allowing you to focus on retaining those key personnel you rely on most.

Deciding Between a Virtual and an In-House Receptionist for Your Firm

When it comes to managing your phones, the choice tends to boil down to one between a virtual reception service and a live receptionist there in the office with you. Each choice has its advantages, but if you are trying to manage a law firm with a small operating budget while still connecting with your clients effectively, you need to know that the virtual reception service does have a few advantages.

How a Legal Answering Service Boosts Your Firm’s Image

Your firm’s first impression to new clients tends to happen over the phone. That’s because online communications don’t tend to include the human touch people use when they make decisions about whether to do business with a certain firm or organization. That moment comes the first time they try to connect in real time, and it makes your phone service an important part of your overall communication strategy. Most businesses realize this, training staffers to answer phones and handle customers who come through the door with polish and professionalism.

What to Look for When Hiring a Legal Answering Service

Once you’ve decided to enlist the help of an answering service, the next step is to determine which one you want to hire. Each company has different strengths that may work well for your business, but there are certain things attorneys need to look for to offer the greatest benefit to their law firm.


The growth and success of your law firm means taking care of your clients when they need you. Sometimes they need you but you can’t always be available to take their call. But we can. VoiceNation is here to help when legal matters call your office.

VoiceNation currently manages a large number of professional accounts in the legal industry with great success. We understand your clients’ needs are sensitive and our live operators are professionally trained for the legal industry. They act as an extension of your firm by providing high quality attorney answering services with care and confidentiality. With the time-sensitivity and confidentiality needed, the outstanding and professional agents at VoiceNation are ready to serve your clients at all hours of the day or night. After all, when a client knows they can speak to a live person 24-7, they’re much more likely to trust that they are being cared for.

For less than the cost of a full-time receptionist, VoiceNation can give your firm exceptional legal ive answering service that delivers the professionalism and trust you need and expect. Our unmatched answering service gives your clients round the clock access to your firm … we answer your legal calls 24/7. We also provide help desk services, lead capture, and more. When our live operators answer your calls, we can screen calls for you or your entire law firm, we can take messages, and even transfer calls to you. You tell us what services you need and when you need them. We take care of the rest. We work with you to create a custom plan to meet your needs and your client’s expectations. Live, 24/7 answering service for attorneys is the perfect way to polish your presence to potential clients and to most importantly serve the clients you already have.


Law Office of Mansfield Collins

VoiceNation’s live answering solutions ensure professionalism and consistency for the Law Office of Mansfield Collins.


With our online dashboard, you have complete online access to your account anytime of day. You can monitor your account, customize your call script for multiple situations, set public and privacy options, and much more.

A legal answering service for your firm gives you control and flexibility at an affordable price. The verdict is in and the case is closed…a partnership with VoiceNation is a win-win.

Sign Up Today & Bring on Your 24-7 Receptionist →

Because of the consistency in the high level of professionalism by the VoiceNation receptionist, clients are receiving a better experience with our law office and are recommending others.

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