VoiceNation is the most popular choice for businesses per Clutch survey

VoiceNation is the most popular choice for businesses per Clutch survey

Clutch.co survey

The answering service industry can be a fickle segment of business.  Depending on the type of customer, size of business, product sold, services provided, and the list can go on and on, can determine what type of answering service is best suited for your business. Of course, other factors go into play as well…call quality, pricing, technology used, scalability, and services offered. As we continue to innovate and be a leader in this arena it is good for use to know what most businesses are looking for and need out there, so we can be sure to provide it…and provide it at the highest level of quality.

Clutch.co survey

Last week, Clutch.co released survey findings that answered a few questions about what businesses are looking for when it comes to answering services. Below are a few of the findings from the survey:

  • Most businesses use an answering service because of 24/7 capabilities and to provide better customer service
  • The quality of the customer calls handled is more important than pricing in the selection process
  • The market is diverse for answering services

One thing that came across in the survey that hit home with us was that VoiceNation was the most popular choice of the businesses surveyed.  In looking at the features that were most important when selecting an answering service provider, it is very plain to see why most people chose VoiceNation to take care of their business. Call quality, responsiveness, hours of operation, and innovative technology are the top four reasons and these four areas of our highest focus as we continue to innovate, with all the other factors playing into our customized approach to customer service as well.

Answering Service Features

Not all answering services are created the same, there are distinct differences even though they might not be apparent at first. Two of the things that sets VoiceNation apart from other answering services and has helped us provide excellent customer service for years are our internal staff development programs and our OpenAnswer call center technology. From the daily skills and account training to the unique, robust software we use in our answering service center, our call experts rise above other answering services and in turn help your business be successful.

We believe the results of this survey, as well as other surveys, clearly show that VoiceNation is the trusted source for live answering services. As we strive to innovate, grow, and change the landscape of the answering service industry, our primary goal remains to provide an excellent encounter for every one of our customers, as well as their customers. (Read what our customers said to Clutch about us, here.)

If you are ready to take your business’ customer service to the next level, trust your customers with the live answering service that thousands of businesses use daily. Take us for a spin today with our 7-day free trial.

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