5 Benefits of Using a Live Answering Service for Your Legal Firm

5 Benefits of Using a Live Answering Service for Your Legal Firm

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As an attorney, you rely on communication to provide the best legal services to your clients. However, being tied to a telephone is simply not an option when you are barreling through the day, working on multiple projects with varying deadlines, and attempting to do so in the most efficient manner possible. Luckily, this is one task that you can relinquish to someone else. Here are five benefits of using a live answering service for your legal firm.

1. Avoid Missed Calls

The growth of your firm can be affected by the ease with which you can be reached. When a potential client calls and is unable to speak with a live human being, there is a greater likelihood that he or she will move on to the next name on his or her list. Having someone available to take every incoming call increases your chances of securing new clients. This also helps to retain current clients who want to feel as though he or she is a priority and want ease in communication.

2. Field Basic Questions

For an attorney, the incoming calls can run the gamut, from setting up a consultation to inquiring about more complex issues. A legal answering service can field basic questions, helping to establish the reason for the call as well as collect data. No longer do you need to spend time responding to inquiries from potential clients who are calling to learn about the type of assistance you offer or for other general material. You can receive his or her contact information after it has already been established that he or she is a good candidate for the specific services you provide. Due to the legal training of employees of the service, operators know how to remain compliant with various data laws to ensure the client, as well as his or her information, remains protected. You can also instruct the service as to what constitutes a pressing matter, and the operator will transfer a call through to you if it fits within those parameters. This may put your mind at ease, knowing you will still receive important calls in a timely fashion if your immediate attention is required.

3. Decrease Interruptions

When your business grows with each call, it is often difficult to let a ringing phone go unnoticed. This can result in constant interruptions, leading to less productivity. It may also become a nuisance when you are in a meeting or have a face-to-face conference with a client. Taking a call out of fear of losing future business can weaken your engagement with those whom you are already working with, who are expecting – and paying for – your undivided attention. With an answering service, you can focus on the duties at hand and decrease distractions that a call may otherwise create.

4. Organization

One of the most difficult parts of taking phone calls is being able to maintain a sense of organization. With an answering service, this aspect is done for you in an extensive manner. As calls are taken, the name, time, and date are recorded. The subject matter of the call is also documented in depth with the inclusion of answers to the basic qualifying questions that were initially asked. You can have these sent to you at specific intervals via electronic measures, and you can also access the information by checking into your account at any time. This means you respond to the calls one at a time without being inundated with a slew of messages coming at you simultaneously. These records are stored, allowing you to search through and manage your messages at a later date.

5. Less Expensive

Instead of paying for a receptionist to be sitting long hours at a desk to answer phone calls that may or may not come in, you can have access to a 24/7 service and pay based on the quantity of calls you expect. You can pay for a set amount of minutes per month, varying the plan as volume changes for your firm. If you are not inundated with calls but do not want to miss the few that do come in, purchase a low volume monthly plan to maintain coverage in a way that benefits your bottom line. A bonus: With an answering service, you are always covered without any concern for unexpected sick days or vacations taken by a receptionist, leaving you to scramble for coverage and accruing additional costs.

Utilizing a live answering service can greatly increase productivity and efficiency for your law firm without breaking the bank. You can rest assured with every ring that the person on the other end of the line will be tended to in a professional and thorough manner, leaving you to focus on other tasks and providing clients with the best service possible.

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