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Answering Service Software

OpenAnswer - the next evolution of TAS

The next evolution of free telephone answering service software is here with OpenAnswer. Find out more at

OpenAnswer - the next evolution of TAS

Today’s businesses require state-of-the-art technology to run efficiently and modern telephone systems require robust call answering software. Small, medium and large businesses that handle a small or large call volume can benefit from using answering software. Answering service software delivers 24-hour support for company telephone lines. In addition, answering software boosts a company’s efficiency. VoiceNation’s telephone answering service software, OpenAnswer can provide even the busiest company with powerful solutions.

Why Do Companies Need Phone Answering Software?

Phone answering software delivers a number of key business benefits. For example, small businesses that do not require receptionist services gain multiple benefits from using call answering software; the software delivers 24-hour per day options for clients and customers. Answering service software provides consistent availability, even after hours. Generally, a missed customer call represents a loss of opportunity for business owners.

Companies strive to build relationships and being available to capture data about clients and potential customers only strengthens a company’s reputation. Using phone answering software improves operator accuracy and efficiency, streamlines the message taking process and provides a scalable answering solution. Call answering software delivers an easily used telephone answering solution. VoiceNation’s answering service software delivers full telephone system integration and an easy to use call interface.

How Does Telephone Answering Service Software Work?

Telephone answering service software delivers two basic services: interactive voice response or call center support features. Call answering software integrates a company’s telephone system into a robust software package that delivers a range of features. Answering service software streamlines the message taking and call management challenges experienced by call centers or businesses that experience heavy call volumes. Generally, the software provides a foundation for company operators or receptionists to manage multiple tasks in a customer service environment.

The interactive voice response (IVR) system interacts with customers and clients through voice or telephone keypad recognition. This type of call answering software serves businesses that receive a high volume of calls and helps to reduce the costs associated with managing the customer experience. It also improves customer experiences by offering lessened wait times and directing the call to the appropriate party based on customer responses to scripted questions. Call answering software designed for call centers offers operators an automated interface that provides detailed information about the type of call and assists operators with managing messages, call forwarding and call lists, to name a few.

What Services Does VoiceNation Offer?

In addition to our own open source telephone answering service software, OpenAnswer, VoiceNation delivers a range of services and features that support business answering service goals. Our 24-hour per day answering service provides a range of features for small businesses, entrepreneurs or enterprises. In addition, we offer a flexible pricing plan that assists businesses with reducing the costs associated with payroll. Following are a few of the services we offer:

  • Receptionist service: Our professional receptionists are available 24/7 to answer business calls, including holidays.
  • Disaster recovery: If a company’s telecommunications system goes down, our live operators are available to keep managers and customers informed.
  • Call screening: Our knowledgeable operators can screen incoming calls to ensure busy professionals know who is calling.
  • Order fulfillment: We offer basic order fulfillment services; our operators can take your customer’s orders and upload them to your existing orders database.

Companies, large and small, benefit from the use of answering service software. Ensuring that customers have a pleasant experience leads to repeat business and word-of-mouth marketing. Telephone answering software can improve the customer experience and streamline multiple telephone-based services. VoiceNation’s phone answering software delivers a range of benefits for small businesses or call centers.

VoiceNation Services

Computer Telephony Applications: The Interactive Voice Recognition IVR System

What is a Call Center?

More About OpenAnswer

​In the summer of 2015, VoiceNation released it's world class telephone answering service software to the world for free. The same software that we run in-house in our VoiceNation inbound call center is now freely available to download now at The answering service industry has been ripe for change as per-seat licensing and proprietary hardware costs have somewhat hampered innovative thinking in software development. Our team of developers started from scratch, rebuilding and utilizing open source software solutions like Asterisk, FreePBX, Node.js, jQuery – all built on a LAMP stack, to create what we think is truly the next evolution of answering service software. 

Cloud-hosted Answering Service Software by Cirravox

Cirravox - Cloud-hosted contact center software

In 2016, Cirravox, a technology and software development company specializing in cloud-hosted call center solutions started developing a groundbreaking solution for contact centers to rapidly spin up a flexible, modern call center in the cloud almost instantly. Cirravox delivers a worry-free solution to setting up the complexities of an inbound call center by making a white-label, fully customizable and 100% supported product available to any business without breaking the bank. With 24-7 support and absolutely no hardware to maintain, Cirravox is a breath of fresh air to those familiar with all the hassle that comes with setting up a call center.  One of the best features is that you won't have to waste precious time providing training for IT support teams or the money to hire specialist technicians and developers to keep it running. 

Cirravox is building their SaaS contact center software based on the incredibly powerful OpenAnswer software, developed and released open source by VoiceNation. We're excited to see how the Cirravox product will dramatically change the industry. For more information on Cirravox and for details on when you can sign up as an early adopter, please visit today and sign up for their email list or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.


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