Answering The Call: Choosing the Perfect Career

Answering The Call: Choosing the Perfect Career

Finding the perfect job can be difficult, but with the right skills and experience, you can find the career of your dreams. Many companies utilize an answering service to handle their hiring needs. It is important to assess what you are good at and identify other areas in which you may need improvement.

Finding the perfect job can be difficult, but with the right skills and experience, you can find the career of your dreams. Many companies utilize an answering service to handle their hiring needs. It is important to assess what you are good at and identify other areas in which you may need improvement. Understanding your own capabilities can be the difference between getting hired and being passed up. A good, solid resume is also a must. Well written cover letters that exhibit your own personal achievements also help to make great impressions on potential bosses. Learning how to prepare yourself for the big interview is essential, and can be the final clenching moment when your dream employer decides to tell you, “You’re hired!”

Career Aptitude Tests

  • Career Explorer – Find out where you excel and what you’re good at in order to determine the right career for you.
  • Motivated Skills Test – This online test allows users to find out what their level of proficiency is in a variety of different skills.
  • Skills Aptitude Test – Choose from a large variety of skills to help you determine which career type will best suit you.
  • Keirsey Temperament Sorter – This famous test allows you to determine your personality type in order to find a job that fits you.
  • Career Interest Game – A fun test/game that allows you to use your interests to help determine the best career path.
  • Dewey Color System – This aptitude test uses color to help determine the career style that suits you best.
  • ASVAB Program – This well-known career aptitude test gauges skills in many different aspects of one’s career.
  • Occupational Interest Survey – A simple survey that can help you decide what job will be best for your personal tastes.
  • Careers Explorer – This test allows users to enter in several criteria in order to determine the best career for them.
  • Career Placement Test – Take this 5-10 minute test to find out which careers suit you best.
  • Types of Employment Tests – This website explains the various types of employment tests available, and what they evaluate.

 Career Information

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook – The US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ guide to choosing a career based on several current outlook criteria.
  • Work & Career Tips/Advice – Some important and helpful tips and advice for job seekers as well as advice from those who have been successful.
  • Federal Jobs – How to seek out government jobs, and where to look for the best ones.
  • Resume Tips – Some tips on writing a successful resume, particularly when looking for a government job.
  • Resume Writing – More helpful information about putting together the best resume possible.
  • Guidance – These informative articles provide help in choosing the perfect career.
  • Choosing a Career or Major – Some information about choosing a career or college major, from Boston College.
  • Career Planning Tips – Simple yet effective tips to help you decide what career is best for you.
  • Planning & Management – A list of links to resources and more information on both planning and managing your career.
  • Types of Jobs – This quick reference guide has a large list of jobs and job types to learn more about and choose from.
  • Business Types/Industries – This site lists some of the major industries and business types in the US.

Career Centers

  • Job Search Tips – Some helpful job hunting tips from Duke University.
  • Resume Toolkit – Informative resume writing tips and a helpful video to guide you in your search.
  • Resume Samples – Browse by job type for some helpful resume samples.
  • Cover Letters – Helpful advice on writing the best cover letter to help you land that dream job.
  • Job Search Strategies – This page includes advice on networking, job industries, and more.
  • Interview Techniques – It’s important to be prepared and understand how to successfully get through an interview. Find out how here.
  • Getting a Job – This site offers several informative documents about interviewing, getting a government job, and much more.
  • References – Find out how references play an important role in your career search.
  • Salary Calculator – This tool can help you determine what the average salary is for your chosen job.
  • Resume Writing – Some more helpful information to get your resume in top shape.

Job Sites

  • Idealist – Search among thousands of non-profit sector jobs here.
  • USA Jobs – The official site for US government jobs.
  • Indeed – Enter your desired field and location to pull up jobs in your area.
  • Career Builder – Register to store your resume online so potential employers can view it; also has job search features.
  • Monster –One of the largest and most well-known job sites on the web.
  • Snag a Job – This website features retailers and large companies, as well as employers seeking out hourly based employees.
  • Jobs Net – Find your dream job by location.
  • Hound – A comprehensive job search website.
  • State Employment Offices – A directory of employment offices for the 50 states.

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