Employee Testimonials

In their words …

Sure, we could go on all day about how we’re the best place to work, but the true testament comes from our employees, both past and present. Here’s what some have to say:

VoiceNation Employee Testimony

“I just wanted to say thank you for the time and effort that is put into giving us knowledge to obtain our personal and career goals. The PIE Meeting fitness class was AMAZING and full of energy! So, to everyone who played a part, THANK YOU! YOU ROCK!!! ” – Nasseea, Call Center Representative

“Because it is National Family Week and Thanksgiving, I feel it is the perfect opportunity to express how thankful I am to be a part of the VoiceNation family. We are a motley crew of awesomeness and we make it work. I am very, very grateful to be a part of it all. xxxooo!” – Virginia Parrish, Call Center Representative

“It’s so great working with a business that not only lets us goof off a bit through the week, but encourages it! You guys rock and I’m so blessed to be a part of the VN Family!” LeeAnna Channeli, Video and Marketing Assistant, VoiceNation

“I wake up and I’m happy to go to work each day. I’m thankful to work for a company that values my work, my efforts, and my opinion. VoiceNation provides me with the tools and freedom to develop, manage, and implement large projects to gain positive results. Plus, I’ve been given an incredible opportunity to be a part of VoiceNation’s non-profit organizations!” – Ashley Pardue, Marketing Director

“The culture of the call center is open and friendly and has a very diverse atmosphere that focuses on development and focus, as well as closeness. From the time that I started, I have belonged to a close, relaxed, yet productive and determined team.” – Tasha Capps, VoiceNation

Current Employee Testimony 2

​”This is a little belated, but I know I speak for everyone when I say that you guys are amazing, from great groceries to fun days to look forward to!! I know it takes a lot of effort on your part and we appreciate every thing you do.  THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!” – Virginia Parrish, Call Center Representative, VoiceNation

“And I second that expression of gratitude!!! 🙂 It is definitely not going unnoticed. It is in the little things that count. The thought put into all that is done is making a difference. <3 <3 <3 Thank you and thank you all some more!” – CCR, VoiceNation

“I have genuinely enjoyed getting to know and work with each of my wonderful coworkers.” – CCR, VoiceNation

“I love going to work each and every day. My co-workers are great and always willing to help. The learning and growth in all aspects of life are constant. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided. Jay Reeder is an amazing owner and truly cares and respects his employees. He wants people to be happy and it shows through the things that he does for his employees.” – VoiceNation Employee

“You all do so much and we appreciate it. I’ve never been with a company that really just cared for their employees the way this company does. You do so much just to make sure that we aren’t just an employee but show us that we are individuals that are thought of and cared about. We might not say it everyday but I think I can speak for everyone when I say you all have gone above and beyond for helping each of us individually as well as just setting the bar for achieving success in and out of the workplace. Each day is a new adventure, but one thing we all know is that no matter what is going on with us individually, this team is all about adapting and making sure that we (VN FAMILY) are taken care. From the reps to the Boss you are all great. I’m fortunate/so lucky to work with such a great group of individuals. Each of you, thank you. Let’s keep reaching for the stars! Anything and everything is possible team!”  Tre Clarke, Floor Supervisor, VoiceNation

“We just want to say thank you to everyone who works so hard to provide excellent customer service while taking calls for our customers. It may be hard to see sometimes, but your efforts not only benefit our customers, but they are reflected in our marketing initiatives on a daily basis.  This week we received an awesome customer satisfaction compliment on our Facebook page and it was so nice to read! These reviews and posts speak volumes about our employees and the exceptional service you are constantly providing. So THANK YOU!!!! Keep up the good work!” – From the Marketing Department to Call Center Representatives

“The company provides all the training you need to do your job. All the employees are very helpful. Everyone has a good attitude. The company really cares about its employees. The company promotes from within.” – CCR, VoiceNation

“I love being a part of this family and can’t wait to see what the future holds :-)” – Amber (Bam) Mooney, Outreach Coordinator, VoiceNation