VoiceNation’s Going Green Initiative

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The Concept of a Green Business

VoiceNation’s “Going Green” Initiative was created to bring awareness and accountability of Eco-friendly practices that will enhance quality of life and reduce damage to the environment, both on a local and global scale. We believe in making smart contributions, and “Going Green” is another way we can make a significant impact in the world we live in.

About VoiceNation’s “Going Green” Initiative

“Going Green” isn’t just a fad; it’s part of who we are. It’s built into our culture and our drive to make the world a better place. Our “Going Green” initiative has given VoiceNation the opportunity to explore all areas where we can actively make green contributes towards the environment. Programs such as recycling, paperless billing, and green office supplies are just a few ways VoiceNation supports waste reduction, energy conservation, and environmental conservation.

How We Do It

Changing habits is not an easy task, but practice makes perfect. We begin by raising awareness of environmental issues and educating our staff on the importance of “Going Green”. We pitch relatable content using unique presentations with environmental and recycling stats. Staff develop a sense of responsibility to make Eco-friendly choices and in turn, realize they are more influential than they might think.


Recycle at Work

VoiceNation proudly took the Recycling at Work Pledge to increase recycling of material generated within the workplace. Recycling bins are strategically placed around the office for paper, plastic, and aluminum cans. Posters are displayed to reinforce our initiative. Info boards are used to inform staff about the impact of trash and highlight our latest and greatest efforts. And, an occasional group incentive encourages a fun, yet healthy recycling competition.

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VoiceNation has been a huge fan of paperless billing for quite some time. In additional to making a conscious effort to save trees, we have reduced office supply costs and improved efficiencies for ourselves, and for our customers.

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Green Office Supplies


Reuse. Reduce. Recycle. We believe we can reduce municipal waste and save energy to conserve natural resources. VoiceNation provides employees with recyclable office supplies to use on a daily basis. In efforts to become more energy efficient, our company uses energy-saving light bulbs and installed dimmers in conference areas, office spaces, and training rooms.

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