Staff Development

Staff Development…at the heart of VoiceNation.

Staff development is a huge part of the plan for each employee here at VoiceNation. We make valuable contributions to the growth of each individual to promote excellence. Every person employed with us participates in ongoing training. That way, we find the hidden potential in each of our staff and boost those important skills that will help them grow, both personally and professionally. We want our team to excel in all aspects of life and we acknowledge individual talents. After all, our people are what drive our company and helping them reach their potential is a win-win.

As the leading virtual phone and live answering service provider, our employees are our most important asset. They are the people who interact with callers each day representing YOU, our customer. Our employees participate in continuing education by attending webinars, training events, educational sessions, and reading self-help books. All CCRs (Call Center Reps) attend weekly staff development sessions. These sessions cover various topics including how to handle difficult calls, proper phone etiquette, and improving customer service. Other sessions might include challenge contests for CCRs to improve their knowledge of customer accounts. The goal being to know and understand each account from memory recall.

In our corporate office, staff development is just as important. Management teams and their staff continually study self-help books (check ’em out here) that focus on various topics, such as leadership, customer service, attitude, perception, habits, and more. During the bi-weekly staff development meetings, management and staff dive deep into a book study, focusing on the key principles and life lessons outlined in the book. Between meetings, we challenge our staff to put those lessons learned into practice. Because practice makes… well, we know that no one is perfect, but it doesn’t hurt to always do our best! Make sure to follow our blog for bi-weekly staff development meeting recaps!

Our team is encouraged to think outside the box and we give them the opportunity to share their creative ideas and provide the safety net to fail forward, when necessary.

An environment of learning and growth is part of the daily life at VoiceNation. Our team is encouraged to think outside the box and we give them the opportunity to share their creative ideas and provide the safety net to fail forward, when necessary. Each member of our team plays an important part in making sure things run smoothly, efficiently, and successfully. VoiceNation is committed to each member of our team and we take pride in the people who have accepted the challenge to grow personally and professionally with us.

“We understand the importance of growth not only at the corporate level but on the individual level as well. That is why we pour so much of our energy, time, money, and resources into developing each and every team member into the best version of themselves that they can be. We understand that when an individual learns, grows, and expands their future that they are more confident and happier in life. This, in turn, comes out in their work ethic and they are able to serve our customers and your customers better and with the highest level of attention and excellence.” – Jason Gazaway, Growth & Staff Development Manager

Why is Staff Development so Important? VoiceNation is a strong believer in the importance of continued development in reading, comprehension, and writing skills. So, we’ve written an entire blog article that explains why staff development is so important and the positive impact it can have on company culture. Check out the blog here!

What’s a PIE Meeting? At VoiceNation, we hold monthly PIE Meetings in honor of our core values- Passion, Innovation, and Excellence. It’s a fun time for staff to get together and celebrate the success of our company. We review company initiatives, talk about the latest book read, share techie ideas, and best of all, receive really cool acknowledgment awards. Check out pics from our Fall 2014 “super” cool PIE meeting on our Facebook page!

By helping our staff grow and soar to new levels, the benefits to our customers are unlimited. Our team is well-rounded, highly trained, and happy. We have a company culture unlike any other. Overall, our people are a part of business that puts people first, whether it’s in our office or yours. Our customers get the benefit of working with a team of people who are motivated and hungry for success.

Our answering service and our staff are the standard of excellence. This mindset is one reason why thousands of businesses nationwide choose VoiceNation as their preferred call center partner.