Case Study: Express Labs

Case Study: Express Labs

Rick's Tree Service

“In any business, your vendors are very much like the legs of a table. Our business would not be as steady without VoiceNation as a trusted vendor. VoiceNation has taken a ‘proactive’ approach every step of the way.” -Mike Youngelman, National Compliance Manager, Express Labs


Express Labs manages a Nationwide DOT Random Drug & Alcohol Consortium to keep companies DOT Compliant. In addition, they provide drug testing to non-regulated companies. The Consortium protects its members and ensures compliance of all members. Express Labs mission is to keep all members of the consortium DOT compliant.

Business Challenge

Rick's Tree ServiceInitially, Express Labs answered all incoming calls in-house. Calls received after hours and on weekends went unanswered. When calls were answered during business hours, calls were transferred one to two times to reach the appropriate party. On many occasions, the client was then told their question needed to be researched, which led to frustration and a lot of unanswered questions.

The VoiceNation Complete Solution

Express Lab hired VoiceNation to handle their after-hour and weekend calls to increase customer support. Sales grew and customers’ expectations were met. VoiceNation then provided Express Labs with  a toll free number, which they advertised and forwarded calls to VoiceNation. After one year, VoiceNation’s live operators represented Express Labs’ sales and customer support team so well that VoiceNation began answering all incoming calls 24/7.

VoiceNation provides Express Labs with consistent, superior customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Express Labs has been able to grow with confidence since working with VoiceNation, doubling in size in just over one year. Their clients, who are business owners themselves, have expressed gratification by renewing memberships at an increased percentage, since before joining VoiceNation.

Express Labs utilized VoiceNation’s online dashboard on a daily basis to view incoming call volume. Calls are downloaded into an excel spreadsheet and easily monitored for quality.

“The key with VoiceNation is they represent my company exactly as I would. They care about your clients.” – Mike Youngelman, Express Labs


  • Improved communication with clients and eliminated multiple call transfers
  • Customers now receive 24/7/365 support
  • Customers speak with an experienced professional who can offer solutions
  • Customers renewed memberships due to satisfaction
  • Sales increased and business doubled in just over one year
  • Day to day operations improved
  • Dashboard features show call volume reports, which give Mike Youngelman the ability to personally contact a client to handle any reoccurring questions

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