Case Study: The Coffee Project

Case Study: The Coffee Project

“VoiceNation’s SimplyONE and live answering services create the perfect blend for The
Coffee Project’s e-commerce, virtual business environment. We’ve used other services
in the past; however, VoiceNation had the best pricing with more features, which, we
could access completely online. Because we’re an internet-based business, being able
to manage everything online is an important tool.”
— James Vaughn, Owner, The Coffee Project

The Coffee Project has been a leader in home coffee roasting since 1997. The
internet-based business offers organic, fair trade, shade grown certified, and
decaf raw coffee beans to frugal shoppers, coffee connoisseurs, and DIY coffee

Business Challenge

Because The Coffee Project is solely internet-based, the company remains open for
business in all time zones, 24/7, everyday of the year, in all countries. However,
even though the company operates in a virtual environment, Vaughn feels that
picking up the phone to speak with a live person is a very important aspect of
customer service. While the goal is to drive people to the website, a responsive
human voice, during any time of day or night, is the best way to foster trust that
a company cares about it’s customers and cares to offer as many ways to communicate
as possible.

The VoiceNation Complete Solution

VoiceNation has implemented a complete telecommunications solution to adhere to
Vaughn’s active schedule. The owner has the flexibility and simplicity to manage
incoming calls around the clock with VoiceNation’s online dashboard. Depending on
the time of day, he can easily forward calls to The Coffee Project assistants
located in different parts of the U.S., take calls himself, or have VoiceNation’s
live receptionists answer the calls according to a custom call script. 

VoiceNation provides 24/7 live customer support. In addition, VoiceNation has the
ability to log telephone orders online, collect customer data, and direct all
messages to the appropriate party via email to eliminate tedious work and save

All messages taken by VoiceNation’s live representatives are emailed instantly to
Vaughn per his request. If a customer provided an email address with the inquiry,
Vaughn can respond directly from his smart phone and include links to fully answer
customers’ questions. If a customer prefers a call back, Vaughn knows the topic of
conversation prior to the call or can forward the call back request to an assistant
to ensure the matter is handled quickly. 

The Coffee Project continues to receive vendor compliments.
“They typically comment using the VoiceNation staff member’s
name, with no indication that they realized they were speaking to an answering
service- just a member of our staff. A compliment like that lets me know our
customers are getting that same quality experience and level of professionalism
too.” – James Vaughn

“VoiceNation helps keep my company professional and responsive”


  • 24 hour customer support availability
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Complete online management
  • Ease of call management and call transfer
  • Messages received instantly
  • Customers receive a consistent quality experience 
  • Call volume increased
  • Ability to log telephone orders online increased sales 
  • Customer data collection grew prospect list
  • Increased professionalism and response time
  • Improved efficiencies and saved time overall

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