Pumpkin Carving Contest

talk like a pirate and save!Thank you for participating with us!

The VoiceNation Pumpkin Carving Contest is now over and we've chosen a winner

We told our staff to get passionate about pumpkins, carve something innovative, and show off their excellent designs for public votes! Creative, clever, funny, VoiceNation-themed, and just plain spooky pumpkins were entered! Then we had YOU to cast your vote to pick your favorite!

Vote to win!One lucky VOTER won the Grand Prize – a $100 Amazon gift card, just for casting a vote! How cool is that?

Don't fret if you didn't take home the prize this time! Check back on our contests page soon to stay up to date on the latest friendly competition from your live answering friends at VoiceNation.

In case you still want to see the pumpkins, here they are:


Ashley – charity: water jerry can themed pumpkin



Caitlin – Gru and a Minion



Chris – Spooky, Dark and Gory



Josh – Painted Mexican folk art style



Joyce – VoiceNation logo-inspired jackolantern



Kacey – Answering calls in the dead of night so you don't have to



Kim – Minecraft Creeper



Terri – Tim Burton themed pumpkin