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How we behave determines how others view us in business and in life. Our outward actions can make or break how we go through life, be it negative or positive. At the end of the day, we hold the keys to determine which direction we'll go and whether or not we'll be successful, generous contributors to a better world or victims of circumstance and ineffective leaders. This series explores the inner workings of our behavioral choices and the effects of those choices in our lives.

Lessons included in this series:
  • Behavior – Passive Aggressive
  • Behavior – Leadership & Self-Deception
  • Behavior – Handling Criticism
  • Behavior – The Question Behind the Question
  • Behavior – Responsibility
  • Behavior – Giver vs. Taker
  • Behavior – Procrastination
  • Behavior – Complaining
  • Behavior – Gossip
  • Behavior – Selfishness

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