If all the world lived up to its true potential and lived out their own unique calling, it would be quite a different place. We’re all gifted, unique and developed into who we are by a combination of life experiences, genetics, faith and more but with this comes the responsibility to know ourselves and to live an authentic life where we can be empowered to make a difference in the world. This lesson digs into what it means to be uniquely us.

Lessons in this series:

  • Individualism – Defined
  • Individualism – Challenged
  • Individualism – The Factors of Fear Pt 1
  • Individualism – The Factors of Fear Pt 2
  • Individualism – Tools Pt 1
  • Individualism – Tools Pt 2
  • Individualism – Creating a Masterpiece Life
  • Individualism – Authenticity

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