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This 15-part series, entitled simply Life, goes deep into how to craft a purposeful way of living. Intentional living requires a holistic approach to see it to fruition. From having a healthy spiritual life to surrounding yourself with people that will make you better, this lesson will break down some of the most common, tangible methods of gaining control of one’s life and dictating where it’ll take you!

Topics included in this series:
  • Life – Take Control of Your Destiny
  • Life – Making The Right Connections
  • Life – Spirituality/The Inner You
  • Life – Support System
  • Life – Manage Free Time
  • Life – Structure
  • Life – Body – Investing Through Exercise
  • Life – Body – Investing Through Diet
  • Life – Body – Rest
  • Life – Deferred Gratification
  • Life – Deferred Gratification Pt 2
  • Life – Service
  • Life – Quality of Life
  • Life – Stewardship
  • Life – Meditation

Each individual lesson includes a client worksheet and a leader guide.

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