Our mentality frames our model of thinking. If we live our lives in a state of fear and scarcity, we will probable experience a heavy dose of worry and pessimism. On the other hand, if we see the best in people and celebrate the fact that there’s enough success to go around, we will eventually realize a similar success in our own lives. This lesson explores the negatives and the positives of how we perceive the world around us an how to adjust our viewpoint from one of threats to opportunities. Download and experience this lesson with your group today.

Topics in this Series:
  • Mentality – Threat vs. Opportunity
  • Mentality – Using vs Abusing
  • Mentality – Victim Mentality
  • Mentality – Poverty, Scarcity and Abundance Mentalities
  • Mentality – Keystone Behaviors

Each individual lesson includes a client worksheet and a leader guide.

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