How we live our lives is dependent on how we view the world in our own minds. Our mindsets set the tone for how we view every situation we encounter so intentionality and being aware of the lens through which we operate effects all aspects of our lives. Will we grow or be stuck in our ways? This series goes deep into the different aspects of our mindsets and is perfect for those looking to expand their world views and be more effective as leaders.

Topics Covered in this Lesson:
  • Mindset – Self-Preservation
  • Mindset – Destructive Pride
  • Mindset – Humility
  • Mindset – Meekness
  • Mindset – Taking Ownership
  • Mindset – Courage
  • Mindset – Resilience
  • Mindset – Intentionality
  • Mindset – Trust – Overall Trust Concepts
  • Mindset – Gratitude
  • Mindset – Initiative
  • Mindset – Win/Win – Not Win/Lose
  • Mindset – Contentment

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