Failure and progress can oddly enough go together well. When we’re able to dust our feet off, learn from mistakes and move forward with lessons learned, we’re progressing to a better life. Forward momentum builds as we push through hurts, failures, unmet expectations and misunderstandings. Will you stay stuck in that rut or pick up and charge forward? This lesson series dives right into the concept of progression through adversity. Join with us and download the series today.

Topics in this series:
  • Progression – Progression Defined via Failure (1 of 7)
  • Progression – What are Expectations (2 of 7)
  • Progression – Unmet Expectations (3 of 7)
  • Progression – What About Others? (4 of 7)
  • Progression – Why Do People Fail (5 of 7)
  • Progression – Response is Everything (6 of 7)
  • Progression – The Benefits of Progress (7 of 7)
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