Most of us want to live up to our full potential. This series is a collection of various life skills lessons aimed at making us stronger in some of the key growth areas of our lives. From being adaptable, to being well-prepared, from diversity awareness to perseverance, this collection of curriculum is perfect for use in a classroom environment, in a small group, in a recovery program or even a self-study. Download this executive function curriculum for free today and let us know what you think as you craft a better life, starting today!

Topics in this Series:
  • Boundaries (Series 1 of 14)
  • Focus (Series 2 of 14)
  • Perseverance/Determination (Series 3 of 14)
  • Add Value (Series 4 of 14)
  • Adaptability (Series 5 of 14)
  • Adaptability to Environment (Series 6 of 14)
  • Real Life Statics for People w/Records (Series 7 of 14)
  • Importance of Preparation (Series 8 of 14)
  • Diversity (Series 9 of 14)
  • Reading Is Fundamental (Series 10 of 14)
  • Knowing when to give up (Series 11 of 14)
  • Success Team – Dream Team (Series 12 of 14)
  • Resourceful Research (Computer) (Series 13 of 14)
  • Personal Mission Statement (Series 14 of 14)

Each individual lesson includes a client worksheet and a leader guide.

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