Behold the power of the Dashboard!

Our new and improved live answering dashboard is loaded with new tools that make monitoring your account and making changes simple. You have real-time control over your account and have access to manage your on-call schedules, check messages and minutes from anywhere.

If you ever need help configuring your account, our team is available. The dashboard is also user friendly so you don’t have to be an online guru to use it. Just follow a few simple instructions and you’re done.

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New Customer Dashboard Key Features

Reports and Analytics

Get comprehensive reports and analytics that display of all your incoming calls in real-time.

  • Date, time, caller ID, how the call was handled are available for every call
  • Export comprehensive reports that detail calls by date and month, billable time, frequent callers, calls by region and more

View, sort, and export all messages we take for you.

  • View all the messages our live operators take for you
  • Export messages into an easy to read CSV file or make notes on the message for you and your team
On-Call Schedule

Update the on-call schedule for your team easily and on the fly.

  • Create the on-call schedule for your team in advance or quickly make changes to existing schedules
  • Have multiple on-call schedules with multiple employees

Carefully track your billable minutes within your plan.

  • You are able to carefully track your billable minutes within your plan so you know when to upgrade or downgrade
  • Track call durations for each call
Mobile Friendly

Make changes to your account from anywhere. Our new dashboard looks and works great on your mobile device.

  • Compatible with all smart phones
  • Make changes to your account from anywhere through your online dashboard