Do Answering Services Still Exist?

Do Answering Services Still Exist?

Do Answering Services Still Exist?

Yes! The answering service industry is bigger than ever. Many people who wonder, “do answering services still exist?” might be surprised to learn that fact; as technology advances and AI increases, it might seem unnecessary to use an answering service. But improved technology has just expanded what answering services are capable of, not eliminated them.

Technologically Advanced Answering Services

More companies are turning to answering services across industries because of how accessible today’s technology makes them. Quality Answering Service offers an easy-to-use online dashboard that can help you to make our services as effective as possible for both yourself and your customers. You can activate our service online instantly, meaning that when you decide to use QAS, you can be up and running in just minutes! Then, you can use the dashboard to set our schedule, customize greetings and other information you want to provide to us and/or your callers, check your messages, manage on-call scheduling, and monitor call volumes.

Why Do People Think Answering Services Are Obsolete?

Many small and mid-sized answering services have been consolidated into one centralized service for efficiency. This makes consumers see fewer choices for answering services and perceive that they’re no longer relevant or popular. However, this merging of small companies happens in many industries and doesn’t mean that answering services are obsolete. In fact, the industry is expanding: As conglomerates of answering services have formed, they’ve started handling more work for more customers.

In an era when consumers are used to finding instant results online, it’s important that small businesses keep up and deliver the quick answers customers are looking for. QAS provides this quick response for many companies by greeting customers with a live human prepared to deal with their concerns 24/7. Our agents gather leads, pass on messages, and answer basic questions to give customers a much greater sense of gratification than they would get from leaving a voicemail and waiting for a callback.

Choose the Right Answering Service: Get a Free Trial With QAS

With all of the options in this growing industry, it can be a challenge to pick the right company to work with. When you choose QAS, you’ll get highly trained professionals who can provide a seamless experience for your customers, including message-taking, call forwarding, and even advanced services like order processing or basic tech support. But you don’t have to take our word for it: Sign up for a free trial with us today and you’ll be able to try us out before you commit. We’re sure that once you do, you’ll quickly see the benefits of our live answering service.

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