Effective Ways to Deal With Angry Customers Over the Phone

Effective Ways to Deal With Angry Customers Over the Phone

Angry Customer

Angry Customer

No matter how well you run your business or your customer service department, sooner or later you're sure to have an irate caller on the phone. The best way to prepare for such incidents is to do so well before anything happens. Preparation can save you an abundance of time, energy and resources, and can go a long way in turning that angry customer into a loyal customer. Gain some useful information you can impart to your phone service department and use to improve the quality of your services. 

Don't Ignore the Caller

You're a business owner, so you already know that ignoring a problem won't make it go away, and the same is true of angry callers. Something else to think about is the longer you wait, the more you add fuel to the fire of fury. Don't give the caller the impression that you don't care about his or her grievance and don't make it seem as if you don't have the customer service skills necessary to handle the problem in an efficient and professional manner. Get ahead of the issue to prevent having your reputation sullied on social media by ranting callers. 


Rather than listen to respond to an angry caller, listen to figure out the true root of the problem so you can devise an efficient solution. By listening, you could find that the customer just wanted someone to hear him or her out rather than someone to offer a standard company line that does more harm than good. 

As an added note, you can build your business's customer service skills by practicing active listening skills. A simple "right" or "I understand" lets the caller know you're truly listening and aren't just letting him or her go on while the phone rests on the desk as you tend to another task. 

Stay Calm

It's easy to take bad comments personally, and that's especially true for entrepreneurs who built a company from the ground up. Any disparaging remarks a caller makes about your business feels like a slap in the face of everything you've worked so hard to create. No matter what, you'll always want to stay calm and relaxed when dealing with angry callers rather than get angry right along with them. 

You also have to remember that there are times when the customer's anger doesn't have anything to do with you or your customer service skills, no matter how much it might feel to the contrary. Remaining calm and removing your emotions from the equation helps get to the core of the matter and makes you that much more of a professional. 

Remaining calm and removing your emotions from the equation helps get to the core of the matter and makes you that much more of a professional. 

Look for a Solution 

Even if you know for a fact you can't make things right in the caller's eyes, offer up a solution anyway. A willingness to show you want to make amends is a willingness to keep a person's business. Even if the caller refuses, he or she is sure to remember your gesture and commitment to superior customer service, which may be just the thing that makes her or him want to give your business another try.   

Tell Yourself the Caller Has a Right to Be Angry

It's easy to tell yourself the caller has no reason whatsoever to be upset with your product or service, but remember the complaint might not have anything to do with you and everything to do with the caller. For instance, the customer may have had assumptions about your product or service, which could mean you need to be clearer in your descriptions to avoid this scenario in the future. It could also be that the issue occurred at an inconvenient time in the caller's life or schedule. To best determine the true root of the problem and put your customer service skills into play, listen to how the anger is being expressed. 


Once you've listened to what the caller has to say, reiterate what you glean to be the problem to save time devising a true solution that meets the individual's specific needs. It's a good idea to write down anything the customer repeats or seems to be particularly upset about. After he or she is finished and you've stated what you feel the problem is, ask the caller to confirm whether you're correct. This is better than assuming and wasting time, money and resources, which can result in yet another angry phone call. 


It's extremely tempting to want to cut ties with an irate customer after getting off of the phone with him or her, but this isn't good customer service. Instead, you should follow up with a phone call, email or postcard to ensure satisfaction. Doing so shows you care and increases your chances of keeping that person's business. 

Angry callers are where your business's phone service shows its true quality. Use these customer service tips to save face, save your business and keep a customer from smearing your name.

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