Foreign Language Resource Guide

Foreign Language Resource Guide

Learning a language that is new to you means learning about the culture of the country in which the language is spoken, as well as many new vocabulary words and the grammatical structures needed to put those words together. There may be an answering service dedicated to helping you learn a particular language.

Learning a language that is new to you means learning about the culture of the country in which the language is spoken, as well as many new vocabulary words and the grammatical structures needed to put those words together. There may be an answering service dedicated to helping you learn a particular language. Practicing vocabulary, grammar, and verb conjugations takes practice and understanding how people live in other countries takes reading. Practicing and getting information on other cultures can be lots of fun, as you will see from the many online resources listed below.

Country Information

  • CIA World Factbook: Includes detailed information and maps for 266 nations.

  • Country Information: Alphabetical list of countries and territories. Each country site includes a country profile, government information, and articles.

  • Country Backgrounds: Information from the U.S. Department of State on countries around the world which covers the people, history, government, economy and more.

 French Language Resources

  • French Learner’s Resources: Site built by a French professor for French language students. Includes links to grammar exercises, verb drills, games, cultural sites, newspapers, and literature sites.

  • Interactive French Language Site: Beginning French language site. Includes audio and video to help students learn and review vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

  • French Verb Conjugator: Type in a verb infinitive and choose a tense to see a full conjugation in that tense.

  • French Grammar Index: Information for beginning French learners about parts of speech. Includes verb practice and mp3 downloads.

  • Beginning French Resources: From a high school French teacher., this site offers basic French lessons, including numbers, verb tenses, and vocabulary. Also has self-checking quizzes.

  • Basic French: Includes basic numbers, vocabulary, songs, and games via Adobe Flash player.

  • Dictionaries: Links to French-English dictionaries.

  • Cultural and Literary Resources: Links to French cinema, cuisine, education, government, literature, and music.

Spanish Resources

  • Spanish Resources: Links to vocabulary and grammar activities, as well as Spanish tutorials and cultural information.

  • Spanish Language & Culture: Beginning and intermediate Spanish language activities, including self-checking grammar exercises on verb tenses and parts of speech, videos and cultural study modules.

  • The Hispanic World: Links to information on Hispanic media, artists, cinema, music, and games..

  • Spanish Grammar Tutorials and Drills: Tutorials on parts of speech, grammatical constructions, and verb forms. Links to a sister site of grammar drills (requires email address although drills are online.) Suitable for beginner and intermediate learners.

  • Self-checking Grammar Exercises: Exercises for the beginning learner on parts of speech, syntax, and vocabulary. Also includes exercises on literature and art.

  • Online Dictionaries: Site created by a high school Spanish teacher. Includes links to online dictionaries, language learning sites, news sources, and cultural sites.

  • Spanish Cultural Resources: Online activities on cultural topics, including painters, poets, and holidays. Also includes songs and activities on geography.

  • Spanish Verb Forms: Click on a verb to see its conjugation.

  • Spanish Language Drills: For beginners. Includes topics such as grammatical constructions, verbs, and some vocabulary.

German Resources

  • German Resources: Website designed by a German professor. Includes links to grammar, vocabulary, news, and cultural sites and activities.

  • German Culture: Activities and information from the BBC on contemporary German culture and language.

  • German Dictionary and Links: Compiled by a high school German teacher. Includes links to audio dictionary, German-English dictionary, and other language building sites and activities.

  • Online Beginning German: An online course for beginning students in German from a University of Portsmouth professor. Includes twelve chapters of dialogue, vocabulary, grammar and exercises.

  • German Language Resources: Links to free online German classes and resources for building skills in grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking and more.

  • German Language, Literature, and Culture: Links to online German language resources, including language, history, literature, music, cuisine and more.

  • German Customs and Holidays: Site links to German magazines, newspapers, cities, museums, dictionaries, literary texts, language exercises, web courses, teaching materials and more.

Italian Resources

  • Italian Dictionaries, Glossaries, and Grammar Guides: Links to general and specialized Italian-English dictionaries and glossaries of Italian words organized by topic. Also includes links to translators and language learning sites.

  • Italian Art and History: Links to sites on Italian art, history, and culture. Also includes links to Italian literature, cinema, and online dictionaries.

  • Italian Grammar: Information for beginning learners. Topics include verb conjugation and parts of speech.

  • Italian Grammar Exercises: Explanations of basic grammatical concepts and constructs, such as parts of speech and sentence structure. Also includes self-checking activities.

  • Italian Exercises: Exercises on greetings, basic conversations, months of the year, and days of the week. Also includes quizzes.

  • Online Italian Course: Online Italian course for beginners. Includes 20 lessons.

American Sign Language (ASL Resources

  • ASL Video Browser: Words indexed by first letter. Click on a word to get an explanation of the sign and an explanatory video.

  • ASL Sign Language Video Library: For beginning and intermediate learners. Includes videos organized by unit. Each unit includes key phrases and vocabulary. Beginners should start with “101”.

  • Recognize Fingerspelling: Offers video quizzes on fingerspelling. Watch the video and type your answer. Also includes fingerspelling charts.

  • ASL Dictionary: Dictionary with video. Also includes links to a conversational dictionary.

  • Classifiers: Signs to convey movement, what something looks like or moves like, or where something is located. Click on the small image for an explanation and to see how the sign is made.

  • ASL Web Lessons: Includes ASL tools and resources for students and lessons on fingerspelling, sentence structure, facial grammar, etiquette, deaf culture and more.


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