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Hospital Answering Services

Are you tired of sifting through the various hospital call centers to find the perfect match for your organization? Are you looking for the best hospital answering service to fit your needs? If so, your search has finally come to an end. VoiceNation combines innovative technology and superb customer service into affordable packages that other hospital call centers are unable to provide.

If you have shopped around and looked at other hospital answering services, you have probably noticed that many claim to be the best in the business. VoiceNation was named the ‘Top Provider in Industry’ by PC World. Such a title was not won by accident, however. We earned the reputation of ‘Top Provider in Industry’ thanks to our superior services and overall attention to detail. Our wide variety of answering services and call center services has given us the ability to build our client list to American Red Cross, Comedy Central, FEMA, Time Warner, Dell, Adobe, State Farm Insurance, AIG, and the United States Coast Guard. We are proud to say that we have managed to surpass our clients’ goals and expectations time and again.

Although VoiceNation’s headquarters sits just outside of the friendly confines of Atlanta, Georgia, we have been able to serve our clients all over the country. Due to our massive selection of local and toll-free numbers which span across 8,000 cities, we serve a wide range of clients across the U.S. Our impressive choice of local and toll-free numbers is just one of the reasons why we stand out from other hospital call centers. 

To give you a clearer idea how our basic answering service works, it all starts when a caller dials your VoiceNation local or toll-free number. One of our highly qualified customer service agents will answer the call with your personalized script. Once this basic service is performed, you will be able to receive any relevant follow-up correspondence directly to your laptop or compatible mobile device. You can receive your messages on the go. With our personal dashboard feature, call records, messages, scripts, and more items are all viewable via a user-friendly interface.

In terms of hospital answering services, VoiceNation is without a doubt your number one choice. The hospital industry is not our only specialty; we also serve clients in the medical, property management, web hosting, and real estate industries as well as law and higher education. We have been able to secure clients across so many industries due to the vast selection of answering and call center services we offer. Our answering services include emergency dispatch, live patching, help desk, after-hours support, and live receptionist. Other call center services that VoiceNation provides are lead capture, auto-attendant, product support, event registration, and live call relay.

Now that you know some of the services VoiceNation has to offer, you are probably wondering what it all costs. With our pricing made simple plans, we give you the opportunity to find the perfect plan to fit your budget without going broke in the process. You’ll find other hospital call centers are based on a la carte pricing that may offer a lower upfront fee, but once you start to add all the features you need, you will in the end pay a much higher price than you had anticipated. Once you start to compare prices you’ll see the difference. Start browsing our pricing made simple plans and make VoiceNation your go-to hospital answering service today!

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