How an Answering Service Can Help Build Customer Loyalty

How an Answering Service Can Help Build Customer Loyalty

VoiceNation Live Answering Customer Service

VoiceNation Live Answering Customer ServiceHow often do you hear someone share the desire to have someone to talk to? Everyone feels like that now and again. The idea of having a listening ear may not seem to apply to how you feel when calling an answering service, but it is always good to feel like you are heard, even if you are calling a business about a service or product. Phone manner is not just one of those things that can be ignored when running a small business. It can directly affect the way customers feel about your business and can make them feel eager or reluctant to call you again. This is why the right phone service can keep customers coming back.

Prompt and Courteous Service

An answering service often provides prompt, courteous service. A in-house assistant who may be inundated with other tasks may feel that answering the phone is an inconvenience and, consequently, may not have as pleasant and relaxed a phone manner as someone who is waiting for a call. Because people who work on calls are focusing only on phone duties and are not distracted and stressed by other workday matters, they can more easily give their attention directly to a caller and can make him or her feel valued. Not only is talking to someone who is focused more pleasant, but because phone calls are the one thing the call recipient is concentrating on, the service also is more likely to be prompt. This is great news for a caller who is fed up with waiting when calling other companies. The customer will appreciate the fact that his or her time is valued.

Providing Help and Advice

While internet chat and messages are the way many customers are dealing with their questions about a product or service, many people feel reassurance when they hear an actual voice on an answering service. Sure, a person can type away a prolix explanation of the problem encountered or wait and receive a reply typed back, but there is still something immediate about voice communication that written chat just can’t replace. Many people feel it is easier to describe technical difficulties verbally rather than having to type it all out.

Superior Training

An assistant is a jack of all trades and has to deal with various tasks such as filing, scheduling, entering data and writing emails or memos, as well as answering phones. When filling out resumes for these positions, assistants may mention a “pleasant phone manner” as if it is just one thing in an entire list. However, people who work for a small business answering service have specialty training and are often given intensive, short courses focusing entirely on their performance on the phone. The result of the training is that they emerge as "Experts in Communication", not just in giving over information, but also in establishing a connection with the caller from the first few moments. These customer service reps go beyond being no nonsense to adept at responding to customers in a natural, easygoing style.

Your Customers Will Thank You

Your customers will thank you for investing in an answering service for your small business. They will express their thanks, of course, by buying your products, liking your service on social media and telling their friends. Many customers do not make decisions about purchases based on pure logic, but based on how they felt about the entire experience. A phone call can make a substantial impact on how a customer feels about a company or brand. This is why reps are trained in the art of establishing a pleasant connection right off the bat before getting to the nitty-gritty of product information and customer service.  

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