As a business owner, your company is an extension of yourself: the people that you value, the ideas that you’re passionate about, and the community that you want to build. It can be easy to stretch yourself thin trying to accomplish all of these things at once, especially as you work to grow your company. Research has proven that growth is crucial to the long-term survival of a business, and for clear reasons — growing your business gives you the opportunity to add new products and services, look for new sales opportunities and, most importantly, gain new customers.

One of the best ways to grow your business is to extend your customer support services past regular 9-5 business hours. This can be anything from:

● Adding a few hours to the end of each weeknight ● Offering round-the-clock support over weekends ● And even opening up on holidays.

By including these extended hours, you are not only offering your customers a greater range of time to reach you — you are also adding value to your overall brand reputation. According to Forbes, “how the customer experiences your company’s culture, and how they perceive they are being treated, is as important in brand effectiveness as your product itself.” It’s essential, therefore, for small businesses to present a strong company culture through their customer accessibility in order to compete with larger competitors.

But you don’t have to sacrifice your time or your client’s time to do this.

The drawback to extending business hours is, of course, the strain that extra work can put on yourself and your employees. The smaller your business is, the fewer hands you have on deck to provide extended customer support. Missing out on this crucial growth opportunity can stagnate your operations, but pursuing it without enough staff can mean overworking your team and lowering morale.

So how do small business owners find a way to extend their hours without putting too much strain on their staff?

To us, the answer is simple: outsource to a reliable live answering service. One of our reliable answering service options, like the ones you can find from our quiz, provide professional live answering services to help your business grow.

With the help of a team of highly professional call operators running your late-night, weekend, and holiday phone lines, you can experience the benefits of extending your company’s hours without having to sacrifice more of your own time. With live answering, you’ll get one of a kind service and outstanding features, including:

● Award-winning software technology ● 24/7/365 Service for all of your operating needs ● Detailed call reports and analytics on call trend, type, length, volume, and location ● The best operators, who will treat your customers as their own ● Mobile app opportunities depending on the service ● Bilingual operators to provide an excellent experience for your non-English speaking customers with one of our answering service opportunities In this competitive economic market, small businesses need every tool at their disposal to stay ahead. Luckily, with help from Quality Answering Services’ suggested list of professional live answering services, you can effortlessly expand your business hours and continue to grow with ease.