For the ever-busy business owner, preparing for your time off can feel like a Herculean task. We here at Quality Answering Service understand how important it is to set your team up for success before you turn those email notifications off and enjoy some well-earned personal time, which is why we've created the guide below! Use the topics below as a checklist to make sure you’ve got all of your pre-break bases covered.

Create a Company Calendar and Add Staff Time Off

Step one to preparing for your time off is to make sure that everyone on your team is on the same page. You and your staff have a lot on your plates from week to week, so things like personal time off may get easily forgotten. Creating and maintaining a company calendar keeps everyone in the loop, so you never have to memorize your team’s individual schedules. Even if you only use your calendar to track time off, you’re still benefiting your organization by implementing an easily accessible tool that can act as a secondary point of communication to keep all of your staff aware of each other's obligations.

Schedule in Two No-Meeting Days to Catch Loose Ends

If possible, try to avoid scheduling any client meetings on the day before and after you take time off. The benefit of creating this “grace period” for yourself is that it allows you to wrap up any loose ends before you leave and catch up on items that have come in once you get back. This additional time set aside simply for prep and review will help you feel more prepared to take your break and help increase your productivity when you get back since you’re not just throwing yourself immediately into the fray again. Giving yourself the gift of no-meeting days also allows you peace of mind going to your time off: no matter what, you’ll know that you’ve taken care of any outstanding item you could and that you’ll have time to take care of what’s left after you return to work.

Communicate Your Time Off With Your Clients

Along with communicating your time off to your co-workers, it’s also important to let your clients know that you’ll be out of the office for a period of time. You can go as small or large-scale as you want with this communication: mention it casually at the end of your calls that week, send a message out to anyone you think will be trying to reach you, or even add a note to your email signature. If you’re stuck on the right way to let clients know about your time off, check out this article with helpful tips on communicating this key info in a way that works for you. However you choose to let your clients know about your time off, they’ll be glad to know ahead of time when you’re not going to be available.

Write Out a List of Any In-Progress Items for Your Team

During your loose-ends day, make sure to create a list of any in-progress items so your team knows what to keep an eye on while you’re out of the office. This list can include anything from smaller items like responding to emails or continuing work on ongoing projects to larger items like meeting with important clients. It’s also good to delegate these tasks as you list them, so each person has a specific task list to focus on.

Forward Your Calls to a Live Answering Service

Even with your amazing team at the helm, it can be nice to have another safety net in place while you take time off. Utilizing a live answering service to forward calls gives you that safety net by opening up another line of communication to your clients, keeping you in the loop, and preventing any dissatisfaction from customers trying to get in touch with you during this time. Keeping clients happy is huge to the success of your business, and having a quality live answering service on your side goes a long way in upping that customer satisfaction whether you’re in or out of the office. At QAS, we have multiple excellent live answering services to offer — set yourself up for success and take a chance on live answering today!

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