HVAC Answering Service

HVAC professionals are an essential part of everyday life. Chances are your business receives a considerable amount of calls everyday; especially during the heat of summer and the freezing winter. Whether your clients are in need of general maintenance or have an emergency, it’s obvious that as an HVAC professional you are needed. It is because of this need that most HVAC companies, regardless of size, feel that their clients would benefit from hiring additional employees. Although extra workers do mean that you will have more time to assist new and existing customers, extra employees equals extra financial burdens. You may not realize it, but having one full-time employee being paid $10 per hour will cost you over $1500 per month; not to mention the added costs for training, health benefits, and sick/personal time. What if you could keep the benefits of additional employees without the extra costs; you can with an answering service.

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VoiceNation is a smart, cost effective alternative to pricey employees. With VoiceNation there are no hidden fees or extra charges; each pricing made simple plan includes all services offered. Not only will VoiceNation offer you an answering service with a substantially smaller price tag, but VoiceNation’s operators go through a rigorous hiring process and are required to complete ongoing training. Answering phone professionally is what VoiceNation is all about, and you can rest assured that every call will be handled with the utmost care. By hiring VoiceNation to be an extension of your business you will receive cheaper, more reliable and more professional service as opposed to using a dedicated telephone representative.

By hiring VoiceNation to be an extension of your business you will receive cheaper, more reliable and more professional service as opposed to using a dedicated telephone representative.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is a year round business that requires 24 hour availability. And although you may need to sleep, your answering service should not. VoiceNation understands that in order for your business to be successful your calls must be answered day and night. That is why VoiceNation provides answering services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. So no matter if you are at home sleeping or away on vacation you can take comfort knowing your phones are being answered by professional and courteous operators.

Also, with VoiceNation’s customizable scripts you know your calls will be handled according to your exact specifications and messages delivered according to your needs. VoiceNation’s system is set up to handle different situations in different manners. Maybe you need all emergency calls immediately transferred to your on call staff while simply receiving a message for routine calls via text, email, fax or all of the above. Whatever the situation, VoiceNation has the solution. And what about your emergency on call staff? With VoiceNation you can set your on call list according to a month to month schedule or on a day to day basis. Also, if you need to update your on call schedule simply send a quick email with the new instructions.