Restaurant Answering Service

Restaurant Answering Service

Satisfy Your Customers With Our Restaurant Answering Service

Let’s face it: Customers have high expectations when they dine in your restaurant, no matter how many times they’ve been there. As an owner or manager in the restaurant industry, you know that customer satisfaction equals a thriving business. Even though it can be difficult to please each and every customer every time, you and your staff strive to do just that at all times because happy customers are returning customers. So the question is, what can you do to enhance the level of service you provide? Our custom telephone answering services are the answer.

Achieving ultimate satisfaction takes the right staff with the right attitude, quality food and beverage choices, a welcoming environment, and excellent customer service. This is where a professional restaurant answering service comes in. Restaurants across the nation rely on Quality Answering Service to help enhance their customer experience. We provide business telephone service around the clock to make sure restaurants are available to give their customers what they need. Our specialties of the house are information hotlines, after-hours calls, receptionist services, and message-taking.

Guarantee Customer Calls Are Answered Promptly and Professionally

Partnering with QAS guarantees that each of your calls is answered promptly according to your exact instructions. Our restaurant phone answering service provides callers with helpful information such as hours of operation, directions, daily menu specials, or whatever else you decide. Tell us how you want it done and we do the work: We’re ready to take your order! Let our restaurant answering service help you exceed customer expectations with a great first impression.

Trusting your calls to our restaurant phone answering service frees you up to focus on giving your in-house customers an exceptional experience and getting a head start on making a return customer. Now that’s a tip worth taking, and it’s why our U.S.-based operators handle calls for restaurants nationwide 24/7, including holidays.

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