Tree Care Industry

Tree Care Industry

Spend more time in the field…not on the phone.

You want to spend more time in the field instead of being on the phone…but you can’t afford to miss an important phone call. So how do you make that happen? You let VoiceNation provide your business phone services…and we make it happen.

VoiceNation is a leading provider of 24 hour live answering service for commercial tree service companies nationwide. Many of these companies count us necessary in the success and growth of their business. We provide your business with routine and emergency dispatching, after hours on-call, call forwarding service, receptionist services, and much more.

We know you get calls around the clock and any event that causes a lot of downed trees can cause your phone lines to be overloaded with emergency calls. It can be hard to keep up with every new call. Our live operators can handle your heavy call volume and capture each new lead for you to follow-up on. With our emergency dispatch option, we can also escalate your most critical calls. We’re there when your customers need you most.

Even when there is no emergency situation, VoiceNation plays a daily role in many tree service companies helping with the day to day phone calls. In some cases, our operators take calls while employees are on lunch breaks or simply when staff members are on the phone with another caller. Calls don’t go to voicemail and each customer is able to speak to a live person who can help them.

Many people don’t have a tree service company they use regularly. Most times when they need someone, it’s a panic search in the phone book or on the internet. Unfortunately, if no one answers the phone at your company, that customer will probably go down the list until they find someone who does answer.

Our professional answering service for the tree care industry provides your business with a live receptionist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays making sure your customers can reach you when they need you. This is why so many tree care service companies rely on VoiceNation. We make sure you don’t miss another call.

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Customer Spotlight:


Rick’s Tree Service

Residential tree service company provides 24 hour emergency availability with VoiceNation’s live answering service.

“VoiceNation had the best overall options for our changing needs. The live answering and website interface were competitively priced when comparing other service providers.” – Rick Mammucari, President

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