Is Your HVAC Business Ready for Summer? Not Without an Emergency Answering Service

Is Your HVAC Business Ready for Summer? Not Without an Emergency Answering Service

Air Conditioning Repair Emergency

Air Conditioning Repair Emergency

Summer is a hopping time for heating and air conditioning businesses. Hot, frustrated people are constantly calling, and all your technicians are out on the road, trying to help people as quickly as they can. How can you make sure you are not letting any customer down and that you are maximizing your potential income at the same time? Consider an emergency answering service, which offers a live person to help callers at all hours of the day.

Help Customers NOW

In winter and summer alike, temperature control in customers’ homes is of vital importance. People calling your HVAC business are hoping you can help them find immediate relief from whatever extreme they are experiencing. Even if you can’t get to their home right when they call, you might be able to offer some ideas for being comfortable in the interim. That’s where an emergency answering service can be especially valuable. The professional agents can be trained to offer advice, lend an understanding ear and schedule the next available appointment. Popular Mechanics notes how power outages are inevitable during the summertime, and if your business handles it right, you can reap the financial reward.

Get Help With Scheduling

During summer months, you likely increase the number of service technicians who are out in the field. With so many moving parts and shifting schedules, it can be difficult to finagle the nuances of appointment scheduling. Fortunately, emergency answering service agents can be trained on your best practices to make sure all HVAC repair visits go smoothly. That will lead to satisfied customers and the ability to serve more clients.

Never Miss a Lead

We all know that if we call any company and don’t get a live person, we are likely to just call someone else rather than leave a message. Don’t let that tendency take its toll on your customer count. Offering your callers helpful, constructive advice and scheduling HVAC services will go a long way toward building your customer base. Plus, because they find your company worth the investment, they will be willing to pay more for your reliable services. The factors of perceived value can work to your favor when you partner with an emergency answering service.

Good Service Retains Customers

“Positive customer experience” is the buzzword of the day, but it really makes sense. People like to patronize businesses that treat them well. That means if you serve them well in the summertime, they will likely call you for HVAC help in the winter as well, and any month in between. You can avoid customer frustration and build a trust relationship by offering a real human to answer the phone. An emergency answering service means everyone can be helped, and as shows, 66 percent of customers switch companies after experiencing poor customer service.

Techs Need A Vacation, Too

Finally, summer is when workers in all professions like to take a break, and HVAC technicians are no exception. However, it can be difficult to get out of the office if inefficient scheduling has allowed no lull in service calls. The professional, trained agents with an emergency answering service can leave gaps in the appointment book if you request it, and customers never even have to know that three days were blocked off so you could go camping with your kids. Plus, they can patch through important calls when you deem it necessary, or you can get phone messages sent to your campsite via text messaging or email if you so desire.

You can smooth the hectic summertime path for your heating and air conditioning company with the help of a live answering service. These five tips show you why it’s a great tool. 

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