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Live Answering Results – VoiceNation #1 

In a recent survey conducted by *Clutch.co, 300+ businesses across the US were polled about their experiences using live answering service providers (automated answering and voicemail systems were included).

The survey measured businesses’ attitudes and behaviors toward answering services. Its results distinguish VoiceNation as a leader and preferred partner for businesses nationwide leveraging live answering services.

*Survey Results Origin: "Procuring and Using Answering Services: A Guide," Clutch.co

VoiceNation 14%
Your Own Receptionist 9.6%
Evoice 9.0%
Answer First 8.6%
Answer Connect 8.3%
Intelligent Office 8.3%
Our Clients Speak for Us

I’ve had…clients that have called…and referred to VoiceNation as my receptionist, which is perfect. They think that this is an individual who is sitting in my office…and that’s exactly what they should be thinking.”


FACT: VoiceNation has served more than 100,000 business customers since 2002.

Increase Revenue & Customer Growth

VoiceNation live operators do more than just answer your phones and deliver messages. From gathering information and vetting prospects to assisting customers with orders, count on our dedicated team of operators to help you increase your company's bottom line.

You guys did great job with a caller I had yesterday. You all gathered the info I needed to close the deal in one phone call. $$!” I can’t say enough good things…VoiceNation helps me earn more money and they do it cheerfully and affordably.”


FACT: We take 4.5 million calls annually...and each one is as important as the next.

Streamline Call Handling & Routing

Businesses need to collaborate with remote employees and VoiceNation can be that unifying force. Our live, virtual receptionists can serve as your single point of contact, and transfer important calls to employees whenever they want-wherever they are.

Voicenation has been an integral part of my company’s growth over the last several years. As a small agency with writing talent distributed across the country, we still need to have a unified presence and big-company sound. Our clients need one number to call and be able to reach a dozen writers, no matter where they might be. VoiceNation makes this possible and has helped us easily project the professionalism so important to the business communication industry. I recommend VoiceNation without reservation to any small or medium sized business that’s ready to sound like a Fortune 500 company–even on a budget.”


FACT: *VoiceNation Was Rated America's Most Popular Live Answering Service

**"Procuring and Using Answering Services: A Guide," Clutch.co

Improve Customer Response Time & Staffing Flexibility

With the plethora of choices available to consumers today, its critical for businesses to stay connected to their customers. VoiceNation's live support gives you a competitive edge - and with 24/7/365 staffing, you'll never miss an important call or message again.

As a small business owner, it is important to have a professional image with a quick response to our phone calls. It is unrealistic for us to hire a staff to answer our calls 24 hours a day. We decided to use Voicenation so we would no longer miss those valuable calls. We have been very pleased with their service, response time and ability to develop a call script which meets our needs. We also enjoy the flexibility with which we are able to adapt our scripts — that came in very handy with some recent business interruptions we had due to a major hurricane. Our offices had no power or phone, but our phone business didn’t miss a step thanks to Voicenation.”

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