Can a Live Answering Service Help Real Estate Agents?

Can a Live Answering Service Help Real Estate Agents?

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Realtor Answering Service

As a real estate agent, you are always getting calls, and when a client has to leave a voice mail, it can be frustrating. You don’t want to lose potential clients because they couldn’t get a hold of you, so that is where a live answering service comes in. The service is available 24/7 to provide answers and help clients when they call in. It is an extension of your services that ensures your clients are always getting the personal attention they deserve.

What the Service Is

An answering service is like having a customer service call center of your own. The service agents are trained to answer real estate calls. You are able to set things up so they can handle a variety of tasks for you:

Take messages
Route calls
Answer questions
Schedule appointments
Capture leads

The 24-7 live answering service is available even when you are not so that you can focus on the clients you are with and still be assured that anyone calling in will be cared for, too. There is no worry that you are missing calls or that clients are getting upset because they can never reach you.

Best of all, you get a personal and local phone number to use and advertise. The service offers local numbers so that your clients can feel comfortable with calling it. You also get the option of forwarding your office or cell calls directly to the service, so when you are out of the office or are otherwise unable to answer, you know the calls will be taken care of.

A service will also usually provide you with detailed call logs so you can be sure that you never miss a message or overlook a client that has called. It is like having a team of secretaries at your disposal.

It is like having a team of secretaries at your disposal.

The Service Handles the Special Needs of a Real Estate Agent

Real estate is a very busy industry. It also is a very competitive industry. Think about it: You are working in a specific geographic area where there are only so many pieces of real estate to work with. Chances are you aren’t the only agent in the area either. In order to capitalize on things, you have to provide the highest quality of customer service possible. This means always being available to your clients. However, there is only one of you. You can’t possibly be available all the time. You probably spend a large amount of time on the phone answering questions, setting appointments and going over things with clients. When you aren’t on the phone, you are working on paperwork and meeting with clients. Things can get overwhelming.

Using an answering service can help free up some of your time. You will instantly become available all the time because someone at the service is always there to answer calls coming in. They are trained to answer simple questions and to handle other tasks so you don’t have to. They know the needs of real estate clients, so they can relate to them, help put them at ease and make them feel as if they are getting the attention they need.

The answering service is a way for you to ensure you never miss a call or make a client feel overlooked. Clients know they will always reach a live person, which is a huge comfort. Real estate is a very emotional business. Clients are likely already feeling anxious, worried, nervous or unsure. You can help them feel more secure and comfortable through offering solid customer service.

What the Service Will Do

When you hire an answering service, you are getting a fully trained staff at your disposal. Think of it as your own personal “Virtual Receptionist“. They are able to provide a lot of information and help to your customers. The agents can provide property information, forward important calls to you or another staff member and answer appointment questions. In addition, a service will

  • Make sure you never miss a call.
  • Provide personalized service.
  • Help retain customers.
  • Help keep your calls organized.
  • Help you provide a professional image to clients.

The agents are able to ensure that no call gets lost and no client is left feeling ignored. They provide a service that you simply cannot do on your own. As your business grows, they are able to adjust to handle the increased call volume, which means you can keep taking on clients and not worry that you won’t be able to handle them all.

By hiring an answering service, you are able to grow your business and provide superior customer service at all times. You need to ensure that every single client you work with feels special and feels like they have your attention. Getting a busy signal or voice mail is not the best way to connect with clients and make them feel secure. However, by using a service, you are able to provide them with that personal connection and make them feel great about working with you.

We have upfront pricing, instant activation, and an easy to use online dashboard to get you up and running in no time, because we understand time is something that you do not have a lot of to spare.

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