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Atlanta Based Call Center Still Hiring

Atlanta Based Call Center Still Hiring

Atlanta Based Call Center Still Hiring Despite Dismal Job Forecast Buford, GA (PRWEB) May 26, 2010 — Since the opening of their Georgia based call center less than a year ago, hiring and recruiting have become a permanent fixture for VoiceNation, a leading provider of Virtual PBX, Live Answering and Disaster Recovery services. VoiceNation anticipates that hiring and recruiting will continue indefinitely at this rate; a trend that defies the record number of layoffs that both the government and private sectors have been experiencing.

With the unemployment rate hovering at over nine percent, Government jobs from the Federal, State and Local levels being cut to help meet budget reductions, and just last week the Associated Press reporting the largest surge in jobless claims in three months. So, how is VoiceNation answering service in the middle of such a hiring frenzy?

What we’re seeing are large Fortune 500 Companies and smaller businesses performing mass layoffs in an effort to lean up and refocus. So when an organization suffers such a large loss of employees there are many voids to fill from a day to day operations standpoint,” states Jay Reeder of VoiceNation. “It’s a total restructuring from the ground up. Common live answering tasks and duties that were once taken for granted are now likely to fall through the cracks.”

VoiceNation is providing an affordable and long term live operator solution to such organizations to help their work-flow and fill this void. At the same time eliminating the HR costs and overhead that come with full time employees. Since the cost of VoiceNation’s answering service is based on operator time only, VoiceNation customers are only billed for the actual calls they take. In comparison to full time employees who are paid an hourly rate whether they are working or wasting company time surfing the internet; too often the latter. According to a recent Salary.com survey, full time employees waste an average of 2 hours per day on non work related issues. A huge problem that companies are paying much closer attention to now that they are cutting back.

Reeder continues, “We’re adding on so many new accounts each day that we have to keep hiring live receptionists to maintain the quality of service we’ve become known for. We’ve had to build up both our call center and state of the art training facility in order to accommodate the growth in live answering accounts.”

VoiceNation works directly with their clients to create a professional call center service based on each client’s needs. They have a training facility on site that allows them to train their entire staff around the clock on all new accounts. It’s a necessary process when growing so fast and keeping quality the number one priority.

It’s a subtle reminder of the times when a single job posting for entry level live operator agents generates many thousands of applications. Quite often a large portion of those resumes are from over qualified yet unemployed professionals. Many of these highly educated individuals are finding homes at VoiceNation. As Gary Burtless, a labor economist at the Brookings Institution said recently, “every time someone’s laid off now, they need to start all over. They don’t even know what industry they’ll be in next.”

VoiceNation is a leading provider of Virtual PBX, live answering, and disaster recovery solutions.

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