Entertainment Media Finds the Answer with Virtual Hosted Telephony Solutions

Entertainment Media Finds the Answer with Virtual Hosted Telephony Solutions

January 19, 2009

Entertainment Media Finds the Answer with Virtual Hosted Telephony Solutions

VoiceNation is regularly used by many media companies who need to integrate virtual telephony services into their production plans. Their services are especially useful during today’s economic hardships due to their ability to provide a quick turn-around coupled with low cost fees. Over the years VoiceNation has been requested to assist many popular media outlets to include The Steve Harvey Show, The Oprah Winfrey show, Clear Channel Radio, and Radio ONE. They even created a Karaoke style telephone application for a talent contest run by producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. VoiceNation is the Company that many turn to for quality customer dedication and state of the art telephone technology.

On Tuesday night, January 06, 2009, viewers of the Colbert Report show were instructed to dial the VoiceNation number, 1.888.Oops.Jewel, where Colbert’s unmatched comedy talents reached their peak in the attempt to appraise his viewer’s jewels. The thousands who called the number were met by a recording, which instructed them to rub their precious jewels against the phone to find out just how valuable they really were. The goal of the sketch was to poke fun at investing schemes that promise high returns of their investor’s money but the end result is frequently less than profitable.

The producers of the Colbert Report show contacted VoiceNation late Tuesday night to give the signal to move ahead with setting up their number. VoiceNation has been the show’s preferred provider for over three years so the producers knew they could count on VoiceNation’s team to have everything ready within the short time before the show’s scheduled launch. “Not only were we able to have the new greeting uploaded, the number reconfigured to their specifications, and the system ready and monitored for the high volume of calls, we did it in a matter of minutes!”, stated VoiceNation’s Chief Executive, Jay Reeder.

With VoiceNation’s proprietary technology and team of skilled professionals, they regularly “Go Beyond The Call” in providing media companies like Comedy Central with a service that can support thousands of simultaneous calls, as well as create specific applications and functions that are not available anywhere else in their industry.
Whether it is the latest in telephone technology, a quick response and end result, or simply reliability, Voicenation is the name that everyone trusts.

For more information, contact:
Graham C. Taylor
Media Relations
1.866.766.5050, ext. 150

About VoiceNation:

Located in Atlanta, GA, VoiceNation is one of the few voicemail, virtual PBX, and phone system hosts in the country that can handle high volume call activity as well as provide unlimited messages and fax capabilities. Other clients include: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Dell, and AIG. For more information on their products and company please visit www.voicenation.com.


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