Taxathon Helps Michigan Residents

Taxathon Helps Michigan Residents

Buford, GA (PRWEB) March 16, 2011

In anticipation of an overwhelming number of calls due to the lax economy, the county partnered with VoiceNation Live to take the overflow calls that their volunteers would not be able to answer, preventing them from going into voicemail.  VoiceNation Live is a twenty four hour live answering service that provides call center solutions to thousands of businesses and organizations worldwide.

Their next generation technology allows VoiceNation Live agents to operate as a fully equipped helpdesk. Their innovative software provides situational scripting capabilities with step by step templates for operators to follow. These templates will lead them through conducting surveys, placing web based orders, creating trouble tickets, scheduling or canceling appointments and following scripted Q&A’s. Each service available is completely customized based on your individual needs.

On March 10, over twenty Wayne County volunteers and VoiceNation Live took calls starting at 5am up until 11pm.  Thousands of calls flooded the lines with people in need of assistance. A somber reminder, that Michigan currently has the nation’s fourth highest number of homes filing for foreclosure (source RealtyTrac Inc.).

“Voice Nation really did prove to be a very valuable service for us with our telethon.” Keith Owens, Wayne County Treasurer’s Office

“Being able to support such a significant event has truly proven to be an ideal experience for our call center”, states Jay Reeder, President of VoiceNation.  “We are honored to have had the opportunity to work with an organization that has such a positive impact in the community.”

In a time where small businesses are trying to do more and are cutting back in costs, VoiceNation Live has created an affordable solution for them. They can expand their hours of operation and abilities with out adding the traditional expenses. Their technology has the ability to perfect any business’ daily operations and after hours support; giving small businesses the boost they need to present themselves as a Fortune 500 company.

VoiceNation Live is a U.S. based call center that defines what’s next by enabling businesses of all sizes to compete profitably in the marketplace. They provide the technology of virtual PBX and answering monitoring every call to handle high volume calls. They can also relieve business expenses by eliminating or reducing overhead costs with a team of professional operators.

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