VoiceNation Announces Next Generation Virtual PBX

VoiceNation Announces Next Generation Virtual PBX

October 14, 2008
VoiceNation Announces Next Generation Virtual PBX
Atlanta, GA: September 17, 2008 — VoiceNation, the preferred communications technology partner to industry giants like Blue Cross, Dell and AIG, today announced the release of a next generation Virtual PBX designed for small business and entrepreneurs.

Called “NextPBX” the new Unified Communications platform, available today from www.voicenation.com, allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to access rich communications services taken for granted by larger firms.

The UC (Unified Communications) capabilities of the NextPBX are highlighted by the user-friendly Presence Management tools that enable the virtual PBX to adapt to individual workdays. Jay Reeder, President of VoiceNation, explains, “We don’t feel that technology companies should ask their customers to adapt their lives to their services, so we developed the NextPBX to adapt to our customers instead. That means that they can worry about their responsibilities and not their service.”

“When I’m in a critical meeting yet still need to allow a few people to reach me,” says Lisa Calhoun, President of Atlanta business writing agency Write2Market, “I can let the service screen calls, and turn that feature off as soon as I’m out of the meeting.”

Reeder explains, “It’s like having your own personal communication assistant for taking dictation, screening calls, and routing calls appropriately whether you’re on the road, in a meeting, or on vacation.”

The NextPBX features include all of the standard virtual PBX capabilities, such as message delivery to email, virtual outbound faxing, find me follow me features and much more. In addition, users can also benefit from the groundbreaking Presence Management (PM) capabilities that allow them to set their service to follow them wherever their business day requires. Users also have access to business intelligence reports, a feature unique to VoiceNation, allowing them to stay ahead of the game.

Another industry feature first delivered by VoiceNation that users won’t find anywhere else, is the flexibility to choose between four different service applications. This allows users to change their NextPBX extensions or SimplyONE service to a Virtual Personal Assistant, a standard Voicemail service, a Hotline greeting, or a simple Redirect service, all for the same monthly price.

VoiceNation uses this same technology with the single user in mind with SimplyONE. It provides all identical features to the NextPBX without the auto-attendant and extensions.

VoiceNation is the first in the industry to shape a product like the PBX into a full featured Unified Communications and Presence Management service. Business owners can now abandon nondescript services that lack the essential tools that the NextPBX can provide in one complete package.

“The NextPBX is a new model and a true evolution of virtual PBX solutions that we think customers will immediately find compelling because it delivers practical value while providing next generation capabilities,” says Reeder. “We’ve really worked to go beyond the call.”

New customers can get NextPBX just by going to the VoiceNation web site at www.voicenation.com and signing up. Pricing starts below $10/month.

For more information, contact:
Graham C. Taylor
Media Relations
1.866.766.5050, ext. 150

About VoiceNation
VoiceNation is committed to helping small businesses succeed by providing creative, cost-effective, full service Unified Communications. With over 100,000 users nationwide, VoiceNation defines what’s next in virtual communications, freeing businesses to focus on their customers—not their calls. VoiceNation is the only full service voice and virtual PBX provider in all 50 states, with options that include voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email, voicemail, on hold messaging, Virtual PBX, answering services and disaster recovery voicemail, fax, and email back up solutions. For more information contact info@voicenation.com.

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