VoiceNation Can Make Your Life Easier

VoiceNation Can Make Your Life Easier

May 01, 2008
VoiceNation Can Make Your Life Easier
Atlanta, GA – May, 2008 – In January of 2008, VoiceNation released a survey focusing on feature development in an effort to gain better insight of their customer’s needs. They posed the question, “What can we do to make your life easier?”, and listed a number of features that customers had expressed interest in.

Calling Card capabilities, Call Handling, and Live Connect to international numbers, were features that were selected by over 70% of the survey participants. Customers were also given the opportunity to submit suggestions that they felt would provide the added support that their current service was lacking. By far, the fax service, providing inbound faxing capabilities, was requested the most, ranking higher than any other proposals.

“Our customers told us what they needed and we took action! We are excited that we have the opportunity to make such large strides towards providing innovative unified communication services for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations,” says Jay Reeder, President and Owner of VoiceNation.

Due to the high demand for an inbound faxing service, VoiceNation set out to reconfigure their faxing capabilities. Customer’s now have the ability to receive faxes to their e-mail as an attachment in .PDF or .TIF format.

“Because we have sole ownership of our technology, we’re able to reconfigure the service based on our customer’s needs. Now, our faxing capabilities mimic that of a fax machine except it provides additional benefits, at a minimal cost. The convenience of this service is unmatched! ”, says Eric Schurke, Sales Manager for VoiceNation.

In addition to their recent fax upgrade, VoiceNation’s experienced technicians are working diligently to release a new product, the “NextPBX”, which essentially, is a Virtual PBX reborn with unmatched unified communication capabilities. This new service will be equipped with all the features that customers went crazy for on the survey. They will have the ability to Live Connect calls to international numbers, adjust presence management that will adapt to the way you work and the Calling Card feature will allow outbound calls from the PBX so the caller ID shows the company’s number.

VoiceNation hopes to release the “NextPBX” in July 2008. They will provide updates on the web and in the monthly newsletter regarding their progress.

For more information on VoiceNation and their services please visit www.voicenation.com or contact:

Graham C. Taylor
Media Relations
1.866.766.5050 ext. 150

About VoiceNation:
VoiceNation is a leader in unified communications, the only company in their industry to have proprietary technology giving them the capability to customize their services to meet the needs of their customers. VoiceNation delivers voice mail, Virtual PBX, Answering services and disaster recovery solutions to businesses of all sizes throughout the United States.

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