VoiceNation Launches ‘Next’ Initiative for Voice Technology

VoiceNation Launches ‘Next’ Initiative for Voice Technology

January 17, 2007
VoiceNation Launches ‘Next’ Initiative for Voice Technology
Atlanta, GA (PRWeb) January 16, 2007 — VoiceNationSM, a forward-looking provider of outsourced voice telephony and disaster recovery solutions, announced today the “Next” Initiative, a new program to enable companies to maximize the benefit they receive from voice communications by understanding the technology, options, and services available to them.

Focusing on fast-track technologies that will be hitting the marketplace over the next 180 days, the Next Initiative defines how VoiceNation will work with their client base to ensure they are utilizing the latest capabilities to build revenue for their business.

“The Next Initiative is our plan to facilitate steady and robust growth cycles for our customers by initiating them to what these new levels of technology can do,” said Jay Reeder, President of VoiceNation. “Our technology has been in a continual state of evolution and improvement since the early 90s. We are rolling out several major breakthroughs in the next six months, and we wanted to have a plan in place to make sure our customers are able to keep pace and experience the most benefit possible from the new applications.”

The new voice communications technologies that VoiceNation plans to unveil include:

* New voice platform with “toll-free mega-pop” that can handle 500-1000 simultaneous inbound calls.
* Personal communication assistant technologies with “presence management” capabilities. This enables one person to instantly know the status of another (“at work”, “in a meeting”, “on cell”, etc.).
* Instant Messaging integrated with presence management to allow IM-based message status notification and incoming call announcements.
* New web-based user interface to control personal calling and status options.
* Web-based voice and faxmail management with messages that are never deleted.
* Web-based outbound faxing integrated with phone system.
* For resellers who sell VoiceNation’s technology: A completely new CRM application integrated with account provisioning, real time reports, and commission tracking.

“New technology doesn’t do anyone any good if they don’t use it,” said Mr. Reeder. “The Next Initiative will ensure that everyone knows what’s out there, what’s on the horizon, and most importantly, what it can do for them. Developing next-generation technologies only makes sense if you’re using them to build the next generation of successful businesses.”

“The Next Initiative is our way of protecting the integrity of our own research and development, so that it is never about what is flashy and trendy, but instead it’s about what really enables the modern businessperson to have a better and more productive day,” he added.

VoiceNation plans to unveil several technological “firsts” in the field of voice communications over the coming year. For more information on what new capabilities are available in voice telephony and disaster recovery, and to learn how to participate in the Next Initiative, please contact:

Graham C. Taylor
Media Relations
1.866.766.5050, ext. 150

About VoiceNation
VoiceNation defines itself as what’s next voice communications, enabling businesses of all sizes to compete in the marketplace as a Fortune 500 organization. The company’s hosted platform offers all the features of a corporate PBX at a fraction of the cost or complexity of traditional technology. VoiceNation offers companies a reliable outsourced voice platform, local number availability, voicemail and live answering services, as well as robust disaster recovery services. VoiceNation is proud to serve well-respected clients throughout the United States, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Dell and AIG.

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