Qualityansweringservice.com Provides An ESL Resource Guide for Language Instructors

Qualityansweringservice.com Provides An ESL Resource Guide for Language Instructors

An ESL Resource Guide for Language Instructors from Qualityansweringservice.com


Teaching students ESL, or English as a Second Language, can be challenging. You need to try to excite your students and make them truly want to learn. Adding fun games and activities into the lesson plans can help to motivate your students. If students actually enjoy what they are doing they often become more involved in the learning process. They are also more likely to pay greater attention in class. You may also want to consider partnering with a US-based call center to provide live answering services to increase communication standards between instructors and students. The following links will provide you with valuable information on teaching ESL to both children and adults. Some links feature fun games and activities while others focus on teaching tips.


K-12 Students


English Language Games: The Game Zone website provides you with fun ESL games such as The Grammar of Doom.


Interactive Grammar Exercises: The adorable Stufun website offers grammar exercises according to different parts of speech such as nouns and verbs.


Go for Grammar Gold: The Harcourtschool website offers fun games for grades one through five.


Flashcards, Games, Worksheets and More: The ESL-Kids website provides you with flashcards,


English Vocabulary Word Lists: The Many Things website offers English vocabulary word lists along with puzzles, games and quizzes.


Paint By Idioms: The Funbrain website provides you with a game where you finish paintings by identifying the proper expression.


Clifford Interactive Storybooks: The Scholastic website offers fun games, stories and phonics for early readers.


English Listening Lab: The English Language Listening Laboratory Online gives you many different listening exercises that involve some kind of interaction.


Games and Activities for the English as a Second Language Classroom: The Internet TESL Journal website provides you with many different ESL activities and games.


Phonetics Focus: The Cambridge English Online website features Phonetics Focus which is filled with fun resources to aid in English pronunciation and phonetics knowledge.


Grammar Blast: The Eduplace website offers Grammar Blast quizzes which are geared toward students in grades two to five.


ESL Activities: The ABC Teach website is filled with ESL activities such as ESL bingo cards and flashcards.


Custom Bingo Cards: The DLTK website allows you to print your own bingo cards with several different sizes and themes to choose from.


The Cartoon Factory: The National Geographic website provides you with cartoons and has you enter the text for the characters.


Vocabulary Learning: The Learning Chocolate website has many vocabulary words available with pictures and places them into categories such as Alphabet Phonics A-Z and Animals.


Fun Games for ESL Kids Classrooms: The English 4 Kids website provides you with fun ESL games such as I Spy.


Grammar Arcade: The Class Zone website has the Grammar Arcade available for you to use for teaching ESL.


Adult Learners


Teaching ESL Facts: The Eastside Literacy website provides you with answers to common questions asked by instructors of ESL such as what to do if you cannot understand what your student is saying.


Adult Education ESL Teachers Guide: The PDF provides you with valuable information regarding teaching ESL to adults.


Grammar Matters: The PDF explains how to teach grammar to adult ESL students.


ESL Activities for Adults: The Thunder Bay Multicultural Association website provides ESL activities for adults and places them in various categories such as Verb Tense and Grammar.


ESL Fun Activities: The MES English website offers you printable games regarding English grammar, vocabulary and conversation.


Matching Words: The TEFL Games website provides you with fun ESL games such as Matching Words.


Listening and Speaking Activities for Adult ESL Learners: The PDF lists different activities for listening and speaking for adult ESL learners.


ESL Teacher Handouts, Grammar Worksheets & Printables: The Using English website provides you with handouts for both beginner and intermediate adult ESL students.


CWEST ESL Materials: The Purdue OWL Engagement website provides you with CWEST ESL materials.


Dave’s ESL Café Idea Cookbook: The Dave’s ESL Café website is an excellent ESL resource for teaching ESL and it lists many fun ESL games to help students learn.


Puzzlemaker: The Discovery Education website offers you the Puzzlemaker which helps you create word lists, word searches and more.


Bright Ideas for Teaching ESL: The ESL Mania website provides you great ESL exercises such as the Directions Exercise.


Free ESL Worksheets: The EL Civics website provides you with ESL worksheets focusing on a variety of topics such as Life Skills and Handwriting.


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