Reliable Answering Services for a Variety of Healthcare Industries

Reliable Answering Services for a Variety of Healthcare Industries

Answering Services for the Healthcare Industry

At VoiceNation, we provide answering services for businesses in the healthcare industry. Whether it is a physician’s office or a dentist, we are ready to handle patients’ calls at our healthcare call center. We understand that physicians and dentists need an answering service that is professional as well as reliable. The following describes some of the ways that our healthcare answering service can benefit physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals.

First, we have a team of trained operators to answer telephone calls that arrive in our healthcare call center. Our operators have been trained in the fundamentals of professional telephone etiquette. They answer, transfer, and screen calls with efficiency. On duty 24/7, our team of operators is courteous and professional to take the calls from patients.

At VoiceNation, the operators in our healthcare call center promptly answer all incoming calls. A caller never has to wait more than a couple of rings to hear the friendly voice at the other end of the line. This feature proves to be particularly valuable when taking calls from patients who need to immediate attention and ask to speak to a nurse or another medical professional. We are proud of our operators’ reputation for prompt service.

Many professionals in the healthcare industry receive several phone messages from patients each day. Some of these messages are urgent while others not-so-pressing. In either case, it’s important that every message contains accurate information. Our operators are experts at taking messages with all of the pertinent information medical professionals need to contact a patient.

Offices in the healthcare industry have the option of providing our operators with information about the business. In many cases, callers feel more comfortable talking with receptionists and operators who have some knowledge on the physician or dentist’s office. Instead of being an independent answering service working on behalf of a medical office, the operators at VoiceNation are a part of the business.

Not all offices in the healthcare industry need the same healthcare answering service plan. We provide customers with a variety of plans to choose from. Managers of all types of healthcare facility can find the perfect plan to meet their needs. Furthermore, if a healthcare facility takes on more patients or hires more medical professionals, the office manager may want to upgrade the answering service plan.

Training and hiring a new employee to answer multi-line phones in a medical office is time-consuming and can be costly. The person may not know how to answer patients’ calls in a professional way. Furthermore, an office manager can experience hassles if the person calls in sick or takes several days off. We are an affordable alternative to hiring an employee to answer telephone calls in the office. Our team of operators takes pride in offering healthcare facilities reliability and service that is consistent.

With all of the competition in the healthcare industry today, a medical or dental office must deliver high quality service in order to retain their patients. For instance, a patient who calls a physician’s office only to be put on hold for several minutes may decide to look around for another doctor’s office. Patients who receive poor service when they call a healthcare office will likely begin to feel unappreciated. With VoiceNation, we understand the importance of serving each caller to the best of our abilities. We strive to represent your healthcare office in a way that makes every caller feel important and appreciated.

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