Service Industry Answering Service

Service Industry Answering Service

Service industry professionals are an essential part of every day life. As a professional working in the service industry you know that there are times when business just can’t wait. For example, just because it’s 2 o’clock in the morning in the middle of the winter doesn’t mean a burst pipe can wait until morning. Or, even though severe thunderstorms may be rolling through customers need their electricity. Whether your customers are needing general customer service or have an emergency, it’s obvious that as a service industry professional you are needed. It is because of this need that most businesses, regardless of size, feel that they would benefit from hiring additional employees. Although extra workers do mean that your staff will have more time to work on the problem, having extra employees adds an extra financial burden. You may not realize it, but having one full-time employee being paid $10 per hour will cost you over $1500 per month; not to mention the added costs for training, health benefits, and sick/personal time. How do you ensure you’re not losing business, but are still getting enough sleep to run your business? Hire an answering service like VoiceNation Live.

VoiceNation Live is a smart, cost effective alternative to pricey employees. With VoiceNation Live there are no hidden fees or extra charges; each pricing made simple plan includes all services offered. Not only will VoiceNation Live offer you an answering service with a substantially smaller price tag, but VoiceNation Lives’ operators go through a rigorous hiring process and are required to complete ongoing training. Answering phones professionally is what VoiceNation Live is all about, and you can rest assured that every call will be handled with the utmost care. By hiring VoiceNation Live to be an extension of your business you will receive cheaper, more reliable and more professional service as opposed to using a dedicated telephone representative. Take a look at what else VoiceNation Live has to offer your business.

Depending on your call volume you may simply need additional help with overflow or emergency calls. Or, if business is booming, you may need all your calls answered just so you can complete your service calls. Whatever the case may be, VoiceNation Live has a solution to fit your needs. Operators are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; including holidays. No matter what time of day or night, you can rest assured that you will receive accurate messages when and how you want them. Maybe you want all calls to be handled as if it’s an emergency and transferred to you. Or you may want operators to screen your calls to determine whether or not it’s an emergency and text or email all non-emergencies. It’s even possible to have all calls transferred and also receive a text, an email, a fax, or all of the above.

VoiceNation Live understands most of your work is done in the field not the office. That is why VoiceNation Live will work with you to ensure your calls are answered exactly how you need them to be. Whatever information you deem necessary, VoiceNation Live operators will cheerfully and professionally gather while being understanding of your customers’ needs. VoiceNation Live operators are trained to politely handle upset callers, after all, no one likes having to deal with an overflowing septic tank in the middle of the night. Also, because VoiceNation Live realizes that your oncall schedule can change at a moments notice, you can easily update your information with a simple email.

Hiring VoiceNation Live to service your calls could really increase your company’s productivity. Go online or call to sign up today.


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