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Call Screening

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call screenYou take care of your business and essentially everything begins and ends with you. Some days there’s just not enough time in the day to answer every call and other days…well…other days you want to take certain calls and just avoid others altogether. With call screening from VoiceNation, you have the option to take the call or not, without the caller knowing you declined their call. That’s a relief now isn’t it?

Call screening lets us answer your calls from our US-based call center and put the caller on hold while we locate you or the needed member of your team. You can choose to accept the call and we will transfer them through to you with our call forwarding service or, you can decline the call and our operator will return to the caller holding and offer to take a message or put them into your VoiceNation voicemail.

Business phone service with VoiceNation just makes sense. With our 24/7 answering service, your calls will be answered anytime…during the day for overflow or lunch coverage, after hours, on holidays, or any combination of times you need. Our plans are so flexible you can actually build your plan around your business. You simply pick your plan, choose your services, and we’ll take care of the rest. We will work with you to customize your call scripts so each call is handled exactly according to your instructions.

Our online dashboard is free with all accounts and provides you real time access to your call center service account. You can update your availability and even manage the phone numbers we call to reach you and your staff right there in the dashboard. You can also make changes to your call script and call handling instructions on the spot with no wait to process.

There’s no need to avoid the issue. Place the call to VoiceNation and let us give you control with call screening.

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