Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plan


Disaster recovery is a preventative measure every business should implement into their strategic planning process. Fires, floods, tornadoes, heavy storms and serious outages happen every day. While some regions are more prone to certain disasters than others, disasters are still unpredictable. In the unfortunate event a disaster strikes your business, it’s important to have a business telephone service to help keep your business up and running. If your phones go down, you need a solution in place immediately so that your customers are well taken care of. VoiceNation’s disaster recovery answering services are the solution for your business.

With VoiceNation, we provide your customers with 24/7 availability when you need it most. Just activate your account instantly and forward your calls to us. Our 24 hour call center operators will answer your calls according to your specifications to ensure each caller is greeted by a live person. We’ll keep your customer base strong and well informed while you focus on important tasks such as reconstructing business operations, speaking with insurance agents, or searching for a new business location. VoiceNation will act as your receptionist and keep business running as usual. Our operators can forward calls, log online orders, take messages, and much more. With the multiple options for message delivery (fax, text, email, and transfer), you will receive your messages promptly and accurately. Use VoiceNation’s disaster recovery plan and protect your investment.

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