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Phil Mammano, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla Vice-Commander

Phil Mammano, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla Vice-Commander

"One of the greatest benefits to us is the fact that the number is not “trapped” in a building or an individual cell phone. This is important because each year, two elected officers and their appointed staff run the flotilla. In the past we have had to change the flotilla phone number each year so that the right officer would get the flotilla’s calls. This meant that any printed materials would potentially be obsolete every December 31 at midnight. Now we can just pass the number right along to the next administration each year with no hassle (which we actually just did this month for the first time ever).

Another major benefit is that the officer in charge of the phone number can forward messages to the correct department, maintain a safety copy of the message, and have an email trail to document the communication. This allows us to be more responsive in serving our clients, the people of the United States. If someone is calling to get a complimentary Vessel Safety Check, the message can be emailed immediately to a qualified Vessel Examiner to handle it. If someone is calling to learn about membership, that can be routed directly to the Personnel Services officer. With a dozen different departments to administer, we really value the flexibility.

Just recently the State of Tennessee had a document to fax me while I was on the road. I just had them send it to our VoiceNation number, and picked it up in my email a few minutes later. That was a huge convenience."

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