Top 5 Benefits of Using a Professional Answering Service

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Professional Answering Service

Professional Answering Service

In our always-connected world, consumers expect that businesses are available every hour of the day for customer service assistance. In return, customers who have a good experience with your company are more likely to become loyal devotees who always think of your business first when they need to make a purchase. But it can be difficult to ensure you always are able to answer their questions without having a live body in the office at all times or without using an answering machine. That’s where a professional answering service can work for you. Let’s look at the ways hiring a pro can build your customer loyalty and provide a level of excellence for every phone call.

High-Quality Customer Service

Here at VoiceNation, we thoroughly screen every potential employee for elite professionalism. We select team members who have a calm, appropriate demeanor that will reflect well on your business no matter what happens during the call. We even have reps who are bilingual, which will help ensure that your customers will receive the highest level of professionalism possible no matter what language they speak. The employees who will be answering your business’s calls will be fully trained on your specific needs, scripts, and customer service policies before they take any calls. That means you have a lot of control over how call center employees are responding to your current and potential clients.

Easy-to-Use Technology

Although there are many online options such as live chat for people to reach customer service, the vast number of consumers today still prefer a good old-fashioned phone call for resolving issues. And who can blame them? It’s always better to talk to a real person who can calm the situation and find the right solution. But what if customers call for help and get an answering machine? They likely will hang up and call a competitor who does answer the call. A professional-level answering service will help your clients immediately and efficiently, for less cost than installing a live chat system on your website, which not everyone will want to use.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Customer service excellence is a huge boon to any company. Callers are always appreciative to talk to a live, helpful individual. They will enjoy their experience all the more, and they will be more likely to become return customers after they learn that your business is the one that’s always there for them. Happy customers are loyal customers, and they will tell their friends about the positive experiences they had with your company, even when they called at 2 o’clock in the morning. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best lead generator available.

Reduce In-House Costs

Outside of staffing someone at your office around the clock, there is no other way to make sure someone picks up at all times. Few businesses have the money in their budget for a 24-hour receptionist, and even if they did, it is unlikely that person would be able to answer questions about every single aspect of your company. Because an answering service can be trained on myriad topics, the workers there actually are more beneficial to callers. Plus, customers won’t even know a call center employee is helping them. Our employees are your employees.

Make More Money

Perhaps the best reason to hire professionals is the potential benefit to your bottom line. Any missed call could mean your competitors are getting business instead of you. Each call is a potential sales opportunity, and who can afford to let any of those go by? Businesses that are open every hour of the day instead of just regular business hours have three times the earning potential.

This list of benefits explains why a professional answering service may be the best choice for you. Say yes to service excellence and building customer loyalty by investing in the pros. Choose VoiceNation for your business needs and sign-up today for a FREE 7-day trial.

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