Unbelievable! The Right Answering Service Can Power Your Professional Image to Fortune 500 Level

Did you know that about 80% of customers hang up when they were answered by a voicemail? And about 20% of those callers are interested in purchasing your product or signing up for your service while 40% of those callers are customers who are currently having problem with your product or service that they become completely irate on their next call?

Good Customer Service plays a big role on big companies listed on Fortune 500. It is one of their secret to success. Unfortunately small businesses just cannot afford to hire hundreds of full time employees to handle all customers’ concern, making them inefficient in targeting good customer service.

Fortunately, in today’s modern era, everything that you need is accessible. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to compromise anything to achieve what you want.

What are the Benefits of Having a Professional Answering Service?

1.     It Improves your company’s Efficiency and Productivity

However you look at it, if customers call and you have someone available 24/7 to answer all their inquiries and complaints, it is considered as good customer service. And good customer service is the key point in making it in such competitive market.

Word of mouth is an effective marketing strategy, and so if one customer had a bad experience while using your product or service and they did not receive abrupt solution to their complaint or if they didn’t have anyone to talk to right away, consider the number people he or she would talk to about this bad experience, but if you can provide immediate solution to their concern, bad experience can simply be converted into repeated customer transactions.

2.     It Cuts down Company Expenses in Half

One full time employee can cost you about $1500 per month not to mention the benefits they get such as paid sick leave, vacation leave, and unavoidable employee issues that you just need to put up to, however even with the most productive employee, he or she simply cannot take all calls at the same time, leaving most of your customers on hold, if this continues your customers would feel abandon or simply would call another company who offers the same service, losing you profits. In a BPO company all calls will be answered at the quickest time possible, lessening customer’s frustration along the way.

3.     It Makes your company appear Bigger

Larger companies provide unlimited customer service, they can afford to hire as many employee as they can to meet customer’s satisfaction and so their businesses continues to grow larger.  

One perception when it comes to customer service is that, it should always be available and accessible. With this perception you can make your business appear larger than it already is by merely hiring a BPO company composed of hundreds of employees serving your own customer. You can make it look like they are your employees minus the expenses of hiring full time staff.

4.     It Increases Company Sales

Effective marketing is the key to increase your company sales. If your marketing is effective enough but without knowledgeable people to talk to about your product then your marketing strategy would be pointless.

Whether it is a service you provide or just a product that provides effective solution to people’s concern, you need to have someone to give all necessary information that would satisfy customer’s needs and would entice them into buying your product or services. A BPO company does this, increasing the number of sales and ensuring customer call back.

5.     It allows your Company to answer every Call

No call should be left unanswered, for all calls are equally important. With a full time employee chances are there are more calls placed on hold than calls answered. This is because you will need to hire hundreds of them to satiate all customers’ calls instantly, if not calls will be placed on hold for a longer period; eventually customers lose the interest on your product.

With a BPO company, you would be able to take all calls at the same time, 24/7. Calls will be screened accordingly and solution will be given promptly; reducing irate customers at the same time increasing company sales.

Tips to pick up a Quality Answering Service

Answering Service in more cities

1.     It should have a 24/7 availability

High Quality Answering Service should be able to take calls 24 a day, seven days a week. This ensures that all calls are answered at your customer’s convenience.

2.     It should have an 800 number, also called a Toll free number

This feature, allows anyone to call you from anywhere they are without being charged per minute long distance rate. 

3.     It should provide customized services

 An effective BPO should have tools that can accommodate different field of industry, and should be equipped enough to make it appear like their employees work directly on your field of business.

4.     It should have State of the Art Equipment

A BPO company must have high tech equipment, making it accessible and easier for you and your customer to have continuous transaction.

5.     Must be able to meet your Budget

Another important aspect of hiring BPO Company is their ability to provide good service, but flexible enough to meet your budget. 

If you would like your business to appear like a Fortune 500 level, then you should know the right recipe, you don’t have to put a dent on your budget, you just need to properly choose the right answering service firm for your growing company.