What Should HVAC Companies Look For in an Answering Service?

What Should HVAC Companies Look For in an Answering Service?

HVAC Answering Service

The heating and cooling industry is growing quickly. In 2014, HVAC technicians were projected to experience a 14 percent increase in job availability by 2024. These increased jobs may mean increased competition for your company, so you should do what you can now to distinguish yourself from other providers.

One way to do this is to hire a live answering service to field some or all of your incoming calls. You can avoid the costs associated with hiring a full-time receptionist while building customer loyalty, simplifying appointment setting and more. Here are some key features to look for when hiring an answering service.

1. 24/7 Availability

One way to make your HVAC company stand out from the competition is to have live answering available 24/7. This enables people to get in touch with you no matter when their systems fail, and it gives them the comfort of speaking to a real person instead of listening to a recording. If you want to make your services available 24/7, your live answering service can send you emergency notifications that you can respond to immediately. Even if you simply offer 24/7 appointment setting, customers will appreciate the knowledge that their comfort is your priority.

2. Complete Customizability

Not all HVAC companies have the same needs, and they should not all be restricted to the same answering service packages. One sure sign that an answering service is a good fit is if it offers flexible coverage options. You should be able to choose your plan based on the size of your business and your desired scope of service. For example, you should not be forced to pay for an extensive service package if all you want is some extra help with appointment setting.

Your live answering service should also adhere to a script of your choosing so you can feel confident that your brand’s voice will be upheld even when you are away. Finally, you should be able to pick the methods and protocols by which the service communicates with you about follow-ups and emergencies.

3. Transparent Pricing Plans

Running a successful HVAC business is difficult, in part because of the seasonal nature of the industry. You need to pay your technicians and fill your gas tanks, and you may be hesitant about shouldering extra expenses simply to make appointment setting easier for your customers.

Hiring a live answering service for your company is a financially smart move because you can avoid the cost of recruiting, training and paying another full-time employee to handle scheduling. However, your finances will not improve much if you end up getting slammed by hidden fees. Be sure to pick an answering service that is up front about their pricing breakdowns for each of their service packages. This enables you to choose a plan you understand and incorporate it into your budget.

4. Top-Tier Professionalism

Most HVAC businesses are on the smaller side, which means exemplary customer service is critical to keeping the doors open. Whether you hire a live answering service to respond to all your incoming calls or only want to outsource appointment setting, you should pick a company whose employees are stringently trained to prioritize professionalism on every call. You do not want to worry that customers are being treated rudely behind your back and damaging your company’s reputation. Instead, look for a company that cites excellence as one of its core values and takes daily measures to ensure quality.

Answering the Call

Your HVAC business is your pride and joy, and you can take better care of it if you have strong partners on your side. When you choose a live answering service you trust, you can sleep more soundly at night and work more efficiently when morning comes. VoiceNation is a leading HVAC answering service that offers complete professionalism in everything from appointment setting to query fielding. Call today to learn more about available packages.

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