The VoiceNation Difference

Who are we? The temptation exists to create some fancy marketing-speak with played-out platitudes and vain value statements.

But that’s not us.

VoiceNation is different. Truly different. We’ve been in the telecommunications space since 2002, and our business literally started with a dream, an office in a garage, and several thousand lines of code. Company founders Jay Reeder and Graham Taylor literally passed a corded phone back and forth as they took orders for a bleeding-edge PBX and voicemail service that was disrupting the industry even before Google and other tech giants joined the fray.

And woven throughout those initial days of frenetic sales calls and aggressive code-pushes was a simple concept: leave the world better than you found it, and have some fun along the way.

In the past 16 years VoiceNation has evolved from a virtual PBX and voicemail provider to a live answering powerhouse, winning countless awards for our low hold times, exemplary accuracy, and overall call quality. Since joining the live answering space in 2009, we haven’t taken a single day off.

But we still have fun. And now, more than ever, we’re continuously reaching out to find our higher purpose. Every connection, every interaction is an opportunity to serve. To empathize. To make a situation better.

The energy at VoiceNation is palpable, and we haven’t stopped evolving. In an industry being flooded with advancements in artificial intelligence, chat-bots and automated voice response, VoiceNation understands the need to leverage technology and build in efficiencies we can pass along as value to our customers. But we also know that nothing replaces the essence of what makes us human: a conversation between two people. Conversations can make someone’s day, change someone’s perspective, or even move mountains.

So as you consider who to entrust as an extension of your business, know that no one places more value on that most basic of human interactions than VoiceNation.

VoiceNation Leadership Team

Jay ReederPresident
Jay Reeder



Graham TaylorVice President
Graham Taylor


Sheila Dooley DIRECTOR OF HR & EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE VoiceNation Leadership
Sheila DavidsonDirector of Employee Experience
Sheila Davidson


Eric SchurkeVice President of Operations
Eric Schurke


We Are a People Growth Company

“BEST in the industry!!!”

It is a huge blessing to have a workplace that encourages both personal and professional development! VoiceNation has developed a culture where iron sharpens iron, which is amazing for team and individually character building. Being a part of “the bigger picture” has really made me feel like a valued asset to the company!

“Rapid Growth and Development”

Rapid growth within the company, and excellent incentives for referrals. Upper management is willing to help with just about anything. Thick skin, and the ambition to go the extra mile will get you far.

Like stated previously, its the people they hire and the management in place who make this place great!

We Are Committed to Excellence

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Going Beyond the Call

VoiceNation Live Answering Services Philanthropy


Shelters everywhere are in need of food and supplies. In April, VoiceNation employees went the extra mile, pooling together to deliver more than 300 care packages to Good News at Noon Ministry Shelter. Our caring, devoted employees were grateful to participate, and Dan Levak, Sr. Director of Customer Growth put everyone’s feelings into words – “All I could think of were the number of children and families we impacted in the course of a few hours. It made me feel grateful to work for an organization that walks the talk.”