15 Secrets to Building the Company Culture of your Dreams

15 Secrets to Building the Company Culture of your Dreams

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“If you get too busy with your job to grow, your influence and your leadership will stagnate and ultimately evaporate,” wrote authors Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller in their book, Great Leaders Grow. And we couldn’t agree more! VoiceNation is a “People Growth Company” and Staff Development is a strong trending topic. We invest tons of time and energy into the growth and development of our call center employees because we know that greatness lives within us all.

Why Staff Development Works

We put heavy emphasis on Staff Development for a few reasons:

1. Personal and professional growth will build you up in all areas of life.
2. When you strive to learn more and better yourself, you instantly increase your worth.
3. We never stop learning. Everyone is a leader. Every leader is a learner.
4. Knowing and understanding your co-workers builds camaraderie.
5. Attitude is everything.

Awesome employees + staff development = a thumbs up company culture… And happy customers, too!

Staff Development Improves Company Culture

VoiceNation takes great pride in the culture we’ve established. If you are looking to revamp your company culture and would like to introduce Staff Development to your organization, we can help! We’re big into seeing others succeed and that’s why we love to give back. Plus, we believe that if something works well for us, it can work well for others.

Here are some secrets to creating a successful company culture:

1. Carefully select individuals who are a nice culture fit during the hiring phase.
2. Invest in staff, both personally and professionally. (i.e. Staff Development)
3. Get to know your people.
4. A can-do attitude is required!
5. Read books.
6. Conduct quarterly meetings to give staff the opportunity to catch up on corporate initiatives, get to know their co-workers, and have fun doing things that aren’t typical, like playing Jenga!
7. Adopt a fail-forward approach to overcoming obstacles.
8. Recognize your staff. People want to know they are doing a good job.
9. The open door policy must really be open.
10. Provide educational tools to help employees learn, grow, and perform their job to the best of their ability.
11. Encourage teamwork.
12. Teach your staff the importance of accountability.
13. Create volunteer opportunities.
14. Implement a strict no drama policy.
15. Feed your people. That always helps.

At VoiceNation, we’re also really big into books. So we’d like to share some of our favorite books that have contributed to the growth and success of our program and staff.

50 Powerful Ideas You Can Use to Keep Your Customers, by Paul Timm
Attitude 101, by John C. Maxwell
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff at Work, by Richard Carlson
Failing Forward, by John C. Maxwell
Flipping the Switch, by John G. Miller
Great Leaders Grow, by Ken Blanchard & Mark Miller
Leadership and Self Deception, The Arbinger Institute
QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, by John G. Miller
Who Moved My Cheese, by Spencer Johnson
Zin to Done, by Leo Babauta
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey





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