2015 was the year of the habit at Quality Answering Service. As part of our intensive staff development efforts here at Quality Answering Service, we decided to take the year to jump in to learn about how habits define who we are as people, as a company and as global citizens. Good or bad, we truly build our lives around how we think and our deeply ingrained habits. Several of our team took the time to compose lessons and teach the rest of the company about their unique takeaways from an amazing book by Charles Duhigg called The Power of Habit. Topics ranged from "The Power of a Crisis" to "Using Fear as a Motivator" to “Who is Responsible for your Habits?”. We examined the habit loop (cue, routine, reward) and how to recognize where you are in the loop as a first step of awareness. One of the most powerful lessons this year was our lesson on willpower taught by our resident mountain bike enthusiast, Eric Schurke.
If we want to live out our best life we have to develop habits that help us get there.

Celebrate with Us!

All these important lessons learned about habits defined how we approached our work here at Quality Answering Service in 2015. So, for the success stories and the awesome life change stories we've heard this year (like Holley's), we celebrated at the Densmore Farm with a night of karaoke, XBox Rock Band battles and home cooked potluck style food. We're thankful to have each and every one of you as customers this year and we celebrate the growth of not only our company but yours as well! After all, we are an extension of your team too! So, as we conclude this year of accomplishments, learning and self-awareness here at Quality Answering Service we invite you to take a peak into our "Almost Christmas Party". Enjoy and Happy Holidays wherever you are on your journey to personal and business success! Let us know how we can serve you in 2016!